10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

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Make It Easy On Yourself

10 ways to simplify your life

It is about time for many children and teachers to go back to school. The easier schedule of summer – for some- is about to pass. I say for some, because it seems to me we’re always busy, always have things to do – even when we plan our vacations and leisure times!

Grandma Was Right


A man works from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done.

Isn’t that the truth! There’s always something that needs our attention that needs to be done. I say our laundry is a never ending story! Just when you think you’ve got it all done and caught up, the hamper gets filled again. It’s a conspiracy and if there are gremlins – they are in the laundry business!

Simple Steps to Simplify Your Life

1. Make a Routine For Daily, Weekly and Monthly Chores

daily-weekly-cleaning-listYou can read more about the Household Chore Schedule HERE 

We all have them – most of the very same things we need to take care of – to accomplish. Divide up your weekly chores by day and make sure you get them done. We’ve added Blogging to our daily routines – which if we had to admit it is a lot of work. To fit this into our schedules and still enjoy it and our lives we need to continue to care for our families, homes and ourselves. I’ve shared a cleaning schedule (mainly for my daughter) that can help. You can tweak it to fit your life

2 Make a List

Six Most Important Things To Do Pink

six most important things to do list

Not a long list. Six Most Important Things To Do Today. You can easily accomplish. This is not all that you do in this day, but these are things you’ve deemed important for that day. Prioritize your list. What on that list is the most important thing and work your way down from that. Sometimes we do what’s easiest first whether it is important or not. Also, write this list down the night before…

3. Learn to Say No

just say noThere are so many worthwhile things to do and causes. I know for myself what my limitations are and that I cannot spread myself too thin. You are doing yourself and others a favor when you are selective about what you agree to do and at times it is o.k. to say, ‘Thank you, No, I cannot…” 

4. Declutter – even if it’s a little at a time

cluttered home vintage image Its here somewhereClutter, it happens to all of us! There are many, many tips and tutorials available to follow. Becky at Organizing Made Fun has an awesome site filled with great ideas. If you’re quite busy as I am, you may do just as well cleaning one drawer or one closet at a time. I like the box method where you take everything out – sort by keep (in that drawer or closet), donate, store, someplace else….that way you only return what belongs to that space, and keep organized what has to be placed somewhere else.

5. Work Your Calendar

vintage woman calendar collageThink ahead…seasonally, monthly, weekly and then daily. Break down your work – pencil it in! Take time and brainstorm ideas…If you write them down you can work them out!

6. Plan Your Work – Work Your Plan

Plan your work work your plan collageI’ve read that successful people write down their goals and if you’re going to do excellent work in any field, you might as well do excellent work for yourself too. It is also good to include all of your responsibilities – daily tasks, errands and appointments.

7. Make Ahead

Make ahead mealsFreezers are a marvelous thing! So are crock pots! I’m so proud of my daughter! She and some friends got together to create ‘Make Ahead Meals’ – for the crock pot! I thought that was great – not only to be prepared, but also to share and have fun with it!

8. Downsize

Have nothing in your house quote william morrisThis is a marvelous challenge when considering things to keep, to donate or even to trash when you’re decluttering and organizing your home.

9. Share

share with your friends

– let others know your plans, your lists, your routines – if you are unable to care for things, someone can step in for you. Friends are also great to keep you motivated and to encourage you!

10. Enjoy the moments –

take time to smile

break away from routine – from schedule – make impromptu trips.

This is by no means a comprehensive list, just some suggestions, some ideas. This is ‘simplify your life week’ – a good prompt to make some positive changes in our lives!

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