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Some time ago I came across the idea of savoring the moments. Life can be so busy and seem so hectic. We travel through our days missing some of the wonder and the beauty around us.

But, does it have to be? Is there a way to accomplish those things we need to and have time to enjoy the simple pleasures of life?

I believe the answer is a resounding, ‘Yes!’

The key to living an elegant, thoughtful life is to understand what it truly means.

Elegant embodies the manner in which we conduct ourselves. Elegance is graceful. It is restrained. It implies precision and simplicity. Elegance is a mindset and it is a feeling.

Imagine, when preparing for an activity or a task how you want to approach this activity. If you have in mind that you will conduct yourself with elegant style you will become more aware of your actions and of yourself. You will truly be in the moment.

I have been one who is so easily distracted. I can be doing a task or activity and have several thoughts fill my mind of what else I can be doing. It is as if all of a sudden these things have gained great importance. There’s a reason they call me ‘Squirrel’. I have to focus. I have learned what it takes for me to focus. You may be different. You may be able to start and to finish a task without a problem.

But, how do you feel when you’re doing this task? How do you approach this task? Not only is it important to focus on the task, but it is also important how we do it. Being focused is part of the equation. We need to be thorough and to accomplish our tasks completely to the best of our ability.

This is where thoughtfulness comes in. This is the foundation of slow living. It’s not that we live and do at a slower pace. It is that we have determination in our days. It is that we plan our work and work our plan. In this plan we also allow for moments of rest and pleasure. Our lives are a tapestry of all that we allow in our lives. If we’re so focused on work and leave out rest, we become worn and jaded. If we avoid our work and seek only pleasure we become dissatisfied.

Elegant thoughtful living is a balance of all these things we do in our lives. It is work. It is rest. It is pleasure. All in all it is a place of peace and contentment. It places us in the place of knowing and allowing us to be the best we can be. It is our dream life. I truly believe that God has a dream life for us.

If we reflect and learn what it is that God wishes of us, we can begin to walk in that path designed specifically for us. It is a beautiful thing! We’re all created with different talents, skills and abilities. Finding our best selves and accepting that we’re perfect just the way we are sets us in the position to accept and to find joy in the living.

Elegant thoughtful living is finding your purpose and doing it with all your might with joy and with peace.

Value time. Realize that you can so create your days filled with fulfilling your dreams, enjoying your loved ones, and enjoying the beauty and complexity of the gift of creation all around us. This is living the dream.

When we begin to understand, find, and realize our dream life we begin to enjoy deep, sincere peace and contentment.

Thoughtful Living: I believe it is delightful to make every second count. Don’t just count the seconds of your life – make them count. Live your life fully. Elegant, thoughtful living is being present in your life. It means experiencing, tasting, feeling, enjoying, and being present in the moment. 

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