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One of the things Dearest and I have fun doing is quoting from our favorite movies. I shared with you recently one of the gifts I gave him for valentines, the framed quotes from ‘The Count of Monte Cristo‘.

Darcy Quote 3

Another of our favorite movies is the latest version of ‘Pride and Prejudice‘. I found this romantic quote from the movie at an Etsy store, Graber’s Graphic Designs – I knew this would be a perfect gift for Dearest.



I chose to have the text done in a deep blue, our room’s main colors are blue and yellow.

Darcy Quote 4

As you can see, I still have the Pistachio Heart Wreath on our mantel – the air of romance lingers.

Darcy Quote 5

This is the painting we’ve had over the fireplace for years, now with the quote situated below, I’d like to find another, more romantic painting…perhaps I will make one of my own.

Darcy Quote 1a


I am very pleased with this wall decal. I showed my daughter all that Graber’s Graphics has to offer – I really love the Winnie the Pooh quotes and images along with the wide variety found there.

Darcy Quote 2

This is not a product review, it is just something I came across and like immensely.


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