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Warm Color and Crisp Breezes

autumn decor buffet vignette

Right now, my dining room smells like the beach.

I opened the glass towers that held memories from the summer trip to the beach and the briny fragrance of the sea filled the room. I added these seashell, coral and stone filled towers to the dining room summer decor. I shared with you the inspiration for this room in Summer is.

Inspiration for Autumn is began with the remnant fabric from the two valances over the windowseat.

autumn decor dining roomThe golden yellow color with the warm red and pink flowers inspired the room’s look to include color. Autumn is filled with color.

I began to incorporate my seven principles/elements of room decor


autumn decor pillowsPillows at the windowseat and on chairs.


Autumn decor welcome homeWhat could be more cozy than a Welcome Home sign?


autumn decor tabletopFlowers combined with candles always speak to me of Romance.


Autumn Decor children's bustsThese sweet busts of a boy and a girl were found at my last Goodwill trip – they’re quite heavy. I had been debating whether to paint them…so far, I’m loving their wrought-iron patina


autumn decor games on windowseat

Games set out at the ready on the windowseat

Surprise Delight

autumn decor teacupsIt always delights me to have teacups in a room’s decor. The eye glasses belonged to my Great-Grandmother and this old book is opened to a lovely, thoughtful story that entitled,

A Rocky Mountain Sunset,

This is a beautiful world in which we live. If I were endowed with the divine intelligence I can not conceive of one iota of improvement that I could make upon Nature. I can conceive of on color so beautiful for the grass as green; no color so beautiful for the sky as its deep azure blue; no color that would add such purity to the waters as their living light of green. The hills are just high enough, the valleys just deep enough, the plains just broad enough, and the rivers just long enough to make this one of the most beautiful worlds that float through the boundless wilderness of space. But would you behold something more beautiful and grander than this, go and see a Rocky Mountain sunset.”

autumn decor dining roomI’ve decided I can live for quite a while longer with our dining room red. I find red charming and inviting in a room.

autumn decor buffetI love the sweetness of this painting by Renoir, ‘A Mother and Child’. The colors lend themself beautifully to an autumnal decor.

autumn decor hutch by doorOn this sideboard by the door is the ‘Welcome Home’ sign along with a Chinese painted box filled with faux grapes – a symbol of autumn’s harvest, a patinaed silver tray for keys and mail and a lamp, because the daylight is getting much shorter and a light on also says, ‘Welcome Home’.

Autumn decor patinaAt the windowseat, along with the games, I’ll have books – reading is wonderful no matter what the season – and this patinaed silver tea set. As the light, air and color changes while autumn progresses, our dining room reflects to me what Autumn is: color, fun, whimsy, family and romance.

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