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Creating Your Summer
In the 1999 and the 2000 issues of Victoria magazine
a ‘Bliss Team’ was created –
Tricia Foley, Leslie George, Nancy Lindemeyer, Susan Maher and Robin Reiser.
“Be Happy. It’s one way of being wise
Planning Your Bliss
First up in the morning…
“Put aside a pretty cup
Some Irish Breakfast tea
Buy a dozen oranges
Find the juicer at the top of the closet
And something juicy to read
Start with a stretch
Add peppermint shampoo with a hint of tangerine
Then you’ll need a linen robe
Comfy slippers
A favorite blanket
A place to put up your feet
The morning is yours
to take a walk
to take up needlepoint
to take on nothing at all”
These Delightsome Ladies created their
B list
White linen shadow striped robe
natural raffia slippers
Botanica tea with seven herbs
White perfect-to-hold cup
Grass-scented laundry fragrance
Classic woodframe screen door.
Encouraging beauty
The Bliss team encouraged us to find items
that would inspire us to be good to ourselves.
Freshly scented products, soft textures
and a clear, bright summer afternoon
to wile away the hours in.
The Perfect Thing
“Hovering just above our thoughts, hats are all about dreams.”
Give the gift of Bliss
Set aside time to do those tasks
for yourself or for others that you’ve
been meaning to do.
Bliss Invitation
Invite your truest friends to lunch amongh
the trees
offer a lovely, simple summer lunch
(bring your own breeze)
Name your own Bliss
“standing in the doorway, waiting on a sudden downpour”
“forgetting the time”
“A long train ride”
“The sound of flip-flops”
“A suitcase with five things in it”
“Drying your hair in the wind”
“Writing your name in the sand”
These are some of the suggestions
sent to Victoria magazine in the 1999
How would you name your

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