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Beautiful by Design

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I have always been in awe in the wonder and the beauty of all of God’s creation. It never ceases to amaze me how glorious all the colors and varieties there are in this world.

Each morning afresh I feel joy in seeing God’s handiwork.

With all the beauty of the world around us in the trees, flowers, oceans, mountains, the sun, the moon, the animals and such there’s nothing that compares to the beauty in the variety of the people.

Serene Sunday

Beautiful by Design

To me, every one is beautiful by design. I believe that when God created man and then told him to go and to populate the world He had in mind all the beautiful and diverse peoples we see today. He had to make them spread when they built the tower of Babel. In that not only did he cause the people to spread to become different groups but He also created a wide variety of languages.

There is beauty in design. There is also intentionality in design. Every person is unique and special. Everyone has been given their own set of skills, talents, personality and looks to add value to this world and to add beauty.

I used to wish to be like others. I used to wish to be taller, slimmer, to be able to sing (I still wish I could) etcetera…Then I came to the joyful realization that I am unique. I have gifts, insights, and talents God gave me to use and to share with the world. He put me in the family that I was born into to inherit certain traits – to be connected.

I am me and especially made to be me. In this I have come to enjoy. I wish that all could see the value in being happy to be themselves. I wish that all could see the value in celebrating the differences we all have and to love the beauty in another. I wish that all could see that every one in God’s creation has been designed special and unique.

What a joyful wonder God’s creation is. What a spectacular, amazing joy. If one by one we could see and appreciate the beauty of all of God’s creation then perhaps we can fulfill what He wishes of us. The best thing we can do individually is to emulate the character of Christ. He told His disciples the two things that are most important – love God and love others.

The greatest of all we can do is love. Do you like yourself? Do you appreciate the diversity in the people around you? Do you see the beauty in the variety of God’s creation? Do you find wonder and joy in this world we live in?

I hope that today you will pause and see the beauty all around you. I the glimmer of the light of His glorious love for His creation will be revealed to you and make you smile. Then perhaps you’ll see and realize what a wonderful world we truly live in.

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