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Blue, White and Yellow Flower Arrangement.

I just can’t help it…when I go grocery shopping my first stop is the floral department. And there they were…these gorgeous yellow roses. Two different shades, ruffly petals – just waiting for someone to come along…and that someone was me!

Yellow Roses –

This arrangement is perfectly simple. Several yellow roses were just enough to create this charming arrangement. I just love flowers in every room…if I can have them. Blue and White are a classic combination. Yellow just adds the perfect complement.

Creating a Lovely Arrangement with Chinoiserie

I thought the yellow roses would be perfect in this Blue and White Ginger Jar. Chinoiserie – the romantic European interpretation of Asian art – is a beautiful way to bring to your home decor a touch of elegance. Not only are Ginger Jars beautiful as accent pieces – they also are wonderful vases. These pieces also add a sense of travel and history into your rooms.

A Simple Vignette

In this vignette, I added blue books that bring out the blue in the Ginger Jar. This small blue ball is set in a small, ornate gold frame. Then I finish off the vignette with this sweet bird. This arrangement can be used during the Spring or Summer season. This vignette simply applies two decorating principles – decorate with odd number items (at least three) and using the Golden Ratio Principle. A while back I wanted to understand what makes a lovely tabletop decor style and I learned about the Golden Ratio.

Adding Elegance to a Hallway

I found the perfect spot for this arrangement. This corner is at the top of the stairway in the corner of our hallway. Last year, I updated the decor to a French inspired look. I love how the gold painted furniture adds an element of elegance. This is table has a little bit of antiquing that adds just the right charm.


A Touch of Sunshine with Yellow Roses

The morning light coming through the pink and white curtain and seems to be reflected by these charming yellow roses. Do you like to create wonderful flower arrangements for your home’s rooms? What is your favorite flower? Do you like to use different objects as vases? I’d love to know!

yellow roses in blue and white jar

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