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I have to give my husband all the praise for this 
transformation! When we bought our old house, 
nearly everything was painted white, including the 
room chandelier.
Our living room before


We were very thankful that the chandelier and the 
four surrounding pendant lights.
I attempted to remove the paint a while back, but was 
unable to. My husband took on the project, taking 
down the chandelier and cleaning it piece, by piece. 

Even the shades had paint inside them! He had to 

clean those as well.

What we found was amazing. Every part of this 

chandelier is solid brass. 

After he removed the paint, 

he polished the chandelier – and voila!


The detail to this beauty immerged and shone 

I am so pleased, he did a marvelous job.


Thank you so much for stopping by! I do appreciate 

your visits and comments!
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