Collecting French Market Baskets

Collecting French Baskets

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I love baskets! I love more collecting French Baskets! I found a wonderful resource at Sunday Brocantes...this is my favorite French Market Basket

French Baskets…

I love all things vintage…they have a story…they have been loved. I love many things French…there’s a charm and allure to items from and inspired by the French…combine that – I love collecting French baskets!

French Market Basket filled with faux apples and a very large Ironstone white pitcher

My First French Basket

Many, many years ago, we visited a market in Buford, Georgia. The booths were in an old factory. The whole place was charming and I was charmed by the many wares provided. I have long loved French inspired items and decor…then I saw it. A large, beautiful French market basket. I was so delighted and knew I’d bring it home to cherish. I have since used it in various ways as a decorative item. I’ve used it to store blankets, pillows, flowers and at times games for the family. For a while now, it has been in our kitchen holding faux apples and a very large Ironstone pitcher…

My favorite resource for French items...especially baskets

Sunday Brocantes

Then, one day, I discovered a wonderful blogger from Normandy, France who also had a market once a month…Sunday Brocantes. I’ve collected a few things from her from time to time. Some of my favorite are the baskets she’s offered.

I love the size and the look of this French Laundry basket I purchased from Sunday Brocantes

French Laundry Basket

I love the size and the look of this French Laundry basket I purchased from Sunday Brocantes

This charming basket is perfect for displaying dried Lavender. I love it’s size and the beautiful, aged woven appearance.

This is a sweet handmade gathering basket from Sunday Brocantes - love the detail

Handmade French Twig Basket

This sweet French gathering basket is handmade - love it for decor

This hand-made basket is so sweet and charming…I can just imagine a young girl gathering strawberries or blueberries with it.

I LOVE the detail in this large French Wicker much fun to decorate with!

French Vintage Wicker Farm Harvest Basket 

I love the detail in this large French wicker gathering basket...from Sunday Brocantes

This French wicker gathering basket is quite large - love the detail in the handle

This very large French wicker gathering basket is quite amazing! I just love the detail in the handle! It’s so much fun to use in decor and in gathering flowers from my garden.


Do you love baskets…do you love collecting French baskets like I do? Check out Sunday Brocantes at the beginning of each month…you never know what Cat has found to offer in her shop…there’s always something amazing! 

This is not a promotional post – this is strictly my opinion – no compensation for this post.

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