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The signs were there and I didn’t realize it. I woke every day and did those things I typically do. I would go to work and attend to all my responsibilities. I watched, listened, shared, did, and then watched, listened, shared, did on repeat. I felt I was doing o.k. I felt I was able and capable of continuing.

Then, something happened and I was disquieted. I was concerned and I couldn’t sleep. This problem felt like a block an turning point that I couldn’t see a good resolution. I focused on this problem and became wearied. I realized with all the watching, listening, sharing and doing I’d become physically and mentally tired.

I needed rest.

This morning this verse came to me and I have been thinking about just what Jesus meant by it. There’s always so much more we can learn by His words.

Come to Me, all you who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11:28


Come hither! There’s an urgency in this word. Jesus sees our hearts and minds. He knows how the world can chip away at us and he knows just how becoming tired by all our doing can wear us down.

There’s an acronym “H.A.L.T.” Where we’re advised to not let ourselves become too hungry, too angry, too lonely or too tired. There’s danger and vulnerability when we do.

We need to break away from all we’re doing. To stop! We taught our children early on immediate obedience, when we say come we mean come right now. I feel there’s that sense of urgency here.

To Me

Jesus is personally calling to Himself all who are tired and weary. He’s calling to Himself all who have been laboring, doing, doing and doing…


Dearest loves to say, ‘all means all and that’s all it means’. Jesus calls all to Him. I envision a parent calling to a child when they are upset. What does the parent do. The parent envelopes that child in their arms and holds them comforting them. This is what I see Jesus calling us to do – come to Him.


Those who are toiling from all their labor and are fatigued. I feel that there’s more than physical tiredness implied here. We like to say here, ‘you’re just plain whooped!’

Heavy Ladened

We’re being burdened by all the information and all the events around us. We’re being burdened by all those things that are asked of us today. All these things are being piled and piled upon us and we’re trying to bear them. We’re being ‘loaded up’ to the point of being overburdened.

I will give REST

This is personal. Jesus cares about our every being. He knows all of the things we’re trying to do and He instructs us from time to time to rest. Jesus knows the importance of getting away from things to become restored. There’s a sense of getting refreshed. We all need a break a time to get away from the burdens and pressures of the world. We need to go to Him. Through Christ we can become refreshed beyond our imagination. We need to break away from all the information, all the demands, all the burdens laid upon us.

Whether we get away physically as in a vacation. Or we get away and take time to restore our energy physically. I love a good nap. Or we get away to walk in the beautiful world gifted to us.

This getting away truly means letting all those things go for a while. Don’t go to all the sites with headlines, don’t scroll through all the social media sites, don’t answer every text or call. Let them leave a message. Get away. Not only that but get away to Jesus. Talk with Him.

Prayer is one of our best resources for restoration. This is our time together with our LORD to share what’s on our hearts and minds.

Rest can mean listening to good, encouraging music. Music does minister to our hearts. This type of rest is what our hearts and minds need.

This is a time to do those things that physically restores you. Eat well, drink enough water to beautifully hydrate you, sleep. Our bodies need this break, this caring for ourselves.

In this chapter before Jesus instructs those to come to Him to rest he received a message from John the Baptist.

John was in prison. John perhaps was feeling tired, pressured and unsure. He had done everything God had required and he was in a bad place. He wanted to know. He had to know. Was Jesus the one he had been talking about and the One they should be looking for?

Jesus instructed those carrying John’s message to tell him of all that He’d done. He told them to share all the things that John would recognize as Jesus being the One.

He was giving John’s heart and mind rest.

Yes, Jesus is the One. He is the One the world is looking for and we are too.

He is the One who loves us so much that He came to live, die and be resurrected so we can have a relationship with Him.

He came to give of Himself for us. There’s amazing love here.

The verse that follows Jesus’ call to Come unto Me… instructs us to ‘Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.”

There’s so much here to deep dive into. Perhaps I’ll share another post on that. What I will share is that the yoke is something put on beasts of burden to accomplish a task. The heavy load is shared. There’s usually one who leads as well. We should take on Jesus – let Him share the burdens in our lives. We should always, always, always strive to learn from Him.

In all of the situations put before Christ, how did He react or act. Learn from Him.

Do you need rest. Are you tired? Are you heavy burdened with all you have to do and all you’ve taken in these past few months. Break away, get some rest, get restored…go to Jesus and learn from Him. He will give you His rest.

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