How to cook bacon the easy way in the microwave

How to Cook Crispy Bacon in the Microwave

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Bacon is so wonderful to eat for breakfast, add to sandwiches, add to salads, add to baked potatoes, well, add to just about any thing. But, cooking  the standard way on the stovetop is no fun. It can be messy and sometimes hazardous if the fat pops. We can bake it, but that can also be messy. We can microwave with purchased gadgets. But, they become what’s called ‘uni-tools’. What else can you use it for? You can do what I’d done for years, on and covered by paper towels. Which wicks away the fat, but has a tendency to stick. Until I came up with a alternative option.

How to cook amazing crisp bacon in the microwave without buying a gadget

How to Cook Crispy Bacon in the Microwave

I love bacon, Dearest does too! Most times, however, we are very busy and in a hurry. I always cook breakfast and want to vary what we have. Bacon is one of our favorite dishes.

I had been cooking bacon in the microwave for years on paper towels. It would come out good, but would stick to the paper towels and I’d have to spend time pulling pieces of paper off. Not good or fun!

The Answer?

Parchment paper!

O.K., here’s what you do:

How to cook bacon in the microwave to get crispy bacon without a gadget

  • Select thick cut bacon – this cooks best (if you use thin cut, vary the time)
  • Select a large plate that is microwave safe. I use a melamine plate

How to cook great bacon in the microwave

  • Use Parchment Paper. I use the pre-cut sheets and just fold one end to fit the plate size
  • Place uncooked bacon on Parchment Paper – I can fit up to five pieces

how to cook bacon in the microwave

  • Cover with another piece of Parchment Paper and place in the Microwave
  • Place a couple paper towels under the plate to catch any fat that might spill
  • Settings on High, cook for 3 minutes (if you use thin cut, start by 1 minute increments)

how to cook bacon in the microwave

  • Check the Bacon – it should be mostly done
  • Continue cooking for 1 minute – check for crispness and doneness
  • Continue in 1 to 2 more minute increments. If you want it more crispy continue at 30 second increments

How to cook bacon in the microwave

  • Remove carefully with pot holders onto the counter – there will be pooled fat on the plate
  • Transfer the cooked bacon to paper towels to drain fat

Enjoy! Our microwave has 1200 watts power. So if yours is higher or less, adjust your time.

How to cook bacon in the microwave

This is one of those easy fixes that I love! I hope you find many ways now to quickly enjoy your bacon as we are!

How to cook crispy bacon in the microwave without a gadget!




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how to cook bacon in the microwave

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