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Creamy White Pitchers

My eyes seem to be drawn to them and I head for them as if I were magnetized. I just love creamy white pitchers – of all sizes. Of late I have found two to three at a time. I am beginning to think someone’s dear collection is being given away and I am adopting the collection as my own – giving them a home.


I am amazed at the Delightsome things I have been finding.
I have been finding more small pitchers – to my delight – I think it would be lovely to have a display hanging in my kitchen – cubby style.
these tiny pitchers have a deeper cream color

I wonder, will my children love the things I love. I know my youngest and I share interests in certain things as well as my other daughter – I probably should set aside some things for my son – perhaps one day his wife will share my love for these cottage treasures.

these tiny pitchers have a milk-white color

I was doing a little looking around and came across this post on collecting creamy white pitchers at 7494 Cottage Way– I love the way she compared the beauty and simplicity of white pitchers to the beauty and simplicity of one who demonstrates the characters of Jesus in their life. I have enjoyed strolling through her blog – if you are not already familiar with her, I believe you would too.

found all on the same day at Goodwill
‘pitcher, jug flagon, ewer creamer are all terms used to describe vessels with a handle and a spout.
Pitchers are open at the top and are too wide to be stopped by a cork. Also, the term pitcher is more commonly used in America and Jug is more commonly used in the U.K.

arranged showing various handle styles – ornate, flat and rounded
arranged showing various spout styles


Creamers or milk jug remain the most diminutive type of pitchers varying in shapes – some whimsical.’
pshhhh don’t tell the others – this old, heavy Ironstone is one of my favorite finds

Porcelain or Ironstone

Ceramics are porous earthenware, stoneware and porcelain.. the type of ceramic made is dictated by the type of clay available.’
‘Porcelain is distinguished by its hardness resilience and translucence. It is made from Kaolin, a fine white clay mixed with ground petuntse, a clear glassy material. When fired at high temperatures the petuntse mets and surrounds the kaolin particles, forming a unified, vitreous object. This glassy quality gives porcelain tow of its most cherished qualities: its resonance—it rings when tapped and its translucence. It is often called china because of its Chinese origin.’
‘Ironstone was a new stoneware product introduced by Charles James Mason in Staffordshire, England in 1813. Mason claimed Ironstone was harder than earthenware and stronger than porcelain. The name suggested strength and durability. It contained none of the mineral ironstone and only naturally occurring trace amounts of iron. Called at various times Mason’s Ironstone China ore Ironstone Porcelain, it is not true porcelain. Many companies quickly copied Mason’s product after his patent expired.’

this little pitcher has a blue undertone
I have found over the years a number of shards of pottery, china and ironstone in my garden – a bit of history. People once believed that these pieces aerated the soil for the garden.
a Goodwill find at 1/2 price!
A Christmas gift from Dearest – he’s getting the idea!

I have enjoyed gathering my collection and putting them in one place – they fill this built-in beautifully – I have another ready and waiting just like it – storing collectibles such as creamy white pitchers in bookcases or hutches is a good way to display your collection and fits beautifully into any Cottage Style décor.

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