Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain Georgia finds

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Country Living Fair in Stone Mountain Georgia finds

I found so many cool things at The Country Living Fair – for my children. They would see something, express interest and boom – I got it for them – early Christmas! I was looking for specific things for myself, and not finding them. Sigh. But what I did find as my Country Living Fair finds Delighted me completely!

Happy Cow Creamer

Country Living Fair Finds

This girl loves her some coffee with cream. Or I do even like to indulge in some cream in my hot tea. So when I saw this sweet happy cow creamer – I had to have her! She was singing my tune!

Small Demijohn

Country Living Fair Finds-3

One of the things I was hoping to find was another large green glass Demijohn to compliment the one I found last year! Another big sigh – that vendor wasn’t there this year. So on Day two (don’t know how I missed it on day one!) Yes I do! I was so intent on enjoying the awe  and joy my daughters and sisters were having! That’s it! Anyhow, I saw this sweet gallon sized wine Demijohn sitting prettily on a display – at an awesome price – with it’s cork still inside! It became mine. Side by side, the green-hued Demijohns look sweet together- I’ll share more later.

Discovering the History of my Little Demijohn

Country Living Fair Finds an Almaden Windery gallon jug

The top of the cork of the Demijohn says, ‘Almaden EST. 1852’. I did a little searching and discovered that Almaden was California’s First Winery established by founder Etienne Theé  who planted his vineyards with vines from his home in France. Oh, marvelous! He  named his vineyard Almaden Vineyards after a local mine in the California  Los Gatos area. The makers of this wine now declare that they are proud that California wine making began there and that they’re one of the leading wine makers today! The vintage bottle is estimated to have been created in the 70’s!  

Fascinating Bread Board

Country Living Fair Finds-7


Country Living Fair Finds-8

Bread boards were on my list! I wanted a round one, but didn’t find one with the patina I was hoping for. Then as I was purchasing something for my youngest daughter, this two-handled breadboard caught my eye and my imagination! This is awesome! LOVE the size, the shape and especially the patina! This breadboard had been used – it has beautiful color, softness and knife marks! It had to be mine!

Script Fabric

Country Living Fair Finds-4

I just love script on fabric, graphics and such! They add such interest to your decor! I saw these two rolls of script fabric – a yard each. Quickly I snatched them up – not really looking at the words or detail of the fabric. Once I was home, I was pleasantly surprised! The script reflects an Indenture between a man and his wife with another for land in Pennsylvania – for fifty dollars!

Country Living Fair Finds-5

Oh, so cool! I have had the pleasure of seeing the hand written documents for our own home – made copies of them for our use. Sadly, a couple months back, our beautiful historic courthouse burned and all original documents inside were lost. This fabric will be used in a couple of ways – as tokens of history – memory – for such beautiful hand-written documents – pieces of history.

Love all things Tea!

Red Transferware Collection-1

I shared in an earlier post my Red Transferware finds – These are gorgeous and will add beautifully to my small collection! 

I didn’t exactly find what I’d hoped to – but, what I did find, for myself, I am most Delighted that I did…sometimes, it is the unexpected finds that come to mean the most!

Fun fact about this post! I laid flat on my stomach and supported my camera with my IPad and IPhone. You can see me – the pink reflection in the glass – laughing at myself!

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