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cozy cottage the style that is relaxed and easy

The Passion Behind English Cottage Decor

There’s a certain sense of time in the English Cottage…Where collections at times over generations come together in a manner that is almost undefinable – but most certainly cozy. There’s an eye for artwork and antiques that combine with touches of modern contemporary and  of surprising whimsy.


cozy cottage relaxed style

Eclectic décor

Many decorators feel that the pairing of classic and contemporary creates a look of beauty that appears to be timeless. This is where the decorator or home owner can add personality and those things that appeal to the heart.


cozy cottage bedroom

These are the things we bring to our homes – to the rooms in our homes – that bring a sense of happiness and of personality.

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cozy cottage fireplace

Warm and Welcoming

We want our homes to be a place where one can relax and enjoy company. Oftentimes the focal point of a room may be a fireplace – exuding a sense of coziness. This is where we can add those touches known for cottage style: slipcovered furnishings, wood accents, and worn or salvaged pieces.


cozy cottage color palette

Cozy, Soft Palette

There appears to be a trend embracing to a more serene background in selection of paint colors. Grey and Greige may be back…or never really fell out of style.


cozy cottage bathroom

These backgrounds bring warmth to white-washed infused rooms. Through quiet color palettes, there is a freshness in cozy cottage style.


cozy cottage soft colors in room

You may still find a touch of imagination with the addition of a piece that has color and interest – adding the the eclectic, collected feel of cozy cottage style.


cozy cottage texture and pillows

Embracing Texture

The addition of pillows and blankets with pronounced weave – or more affectionately known as chunky – can be used practically in any room of the home.


cozy cottage

Woods mixed with metals – often time showing age and patina through color or rust – architectural pieces all come together to give a room added interest.


cozy cottage post

How Can You add Cozy Cottage Style to Your Decor:

  • Slipcovers – on all or most of the furnishing – helps to simplify the decor
  • Wood Accents – add warmth and comfort to any style
  • Freshen with Paint – a piece of furniture that is sturdy, with ‘good bones’ can be refreshed by paint
  • Create a Focal Point – with a fireplace, creative seating arrangement or built-in shelving – that adds charm and coziness to a room.
  • Incorporate Salvaged Pieces – whether you find corbels (or reproductions), shutters, windows or windowframes – these additions to the room add a certain sense of style and personality
  • Bring the Outdoors In – Plants and flowers complete a room’s decor
  • Bring Out the Heirlooms – whether you collect books, artwork, old family photos or such – bring them out to personalize your room’s decor
  • Include Candlelight – task lighting – the addition of candlelight and/or task lighting create a sense of warmth and coziness to any room
  • Add Texture – with blankets, pillows, and accent pieces – what better way to say – come in…you’re welcome to stay!
  • Use Colors Typical to Cottage Style: white, greys or greiges will always be associated with cottage style as with softer shades of pinks, blues, yellows, lavenders and such.
  • Wooden Floors or Layered Area Rugs – there’s something comforting about wooded floors. But, the addition of area rugs – and layered rugs add an additional depth of coziness to the room
  • Painted or Planked – creating accent walls can add an additional sense of style and coziness
  • Vintage Details – remember the long-generational collected style in English Cottage  – you can emulate this style…just remember to keep it light – not cluttered. They have a sense of adding accents and furnishings – without the sense of clutter…just before it!

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