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winter simplicity in the dining room

The Soothing Light of Winter

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Light, in the wintertime, has a different glow and casts differently on all that surrounds us. Light, in the wintertime, is brief and always welcomed. After the gaiety of Christmas decor we crave the serenity of the simplicity of winter light. This is the inspiration for the changes I’m making in each room of our home. I begin with simplified winter decor in the dining room. 

Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication – Leonardo da Vinci

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It is fun to bring together objects that may not seem to have anything in common and thereby create a vignette. In my attempts at simplicity, I’m loving the beauty of individual objects – showcasing their beauty.

The Art, the Glory of Expression, and the Sunshine of the Light of Letters is Simplicity. Walt Whitman

dining room winter simplicity-4 

I love creating comfortable places that invite one to linger, to sip a warm cup of tea and to linger over the written word. This lovely chair, which I painted a while back, is perfectly low, perfectly comfortable and set just right – by the light of the window seat.

I admire Elegance and have an Appreciation of the Finer Things in Life. But to me, Beauty lies in Simplicity. Mark Hyman

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I could easily display collectibles, fruit, vegetables or flowers on these tiered plates and silver . At times I probably will. But, for the day to day simplified winter decor – their singular beauty will be emphasized.

Simplicity is the Glory of Expression. Walt Whitman

Christmas Home Tour-23 copy 

I love the area rug I got through Shaw Flooring. Remember, I was concerned about the traffic. It performed beautifully not only handling day to day traffic, but also a Christmas party with the party fare on the dining table above. I have opportunity in the future to redecorate one of our bedrooms. This area rug will fit nicely into the scheme.

The Art of Simplicity is a Puzzle of Complexity. Douglas Horton

dining room winter simplicity-6

I decided to replace the area rug with my Peacock Park Designs Tattoo Bamboo mat. Just LOVE this mat! My kitchen looks so much different – never fear – I’ll be on the hunt for another!

Simplicity and Repose are Qualities that Measure the true Value of any work of Art. Frank Lloyd Wright

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I appreciate Simplicity, true Beauty that lasts over time, and a little Wit and Eclecticism that make Life more Fun. Elliott Erwitt

dining room winter simplicity-1I  brought back these large lanterns to the dining room – I love their design and size. They’re simply beautiful all on their own.

Purity and Simplicity are the two Wings with which man Soars above the Earth and all temporary Nature. Thomas A. Kempis

dining room winter simplicity-2

How I brought in Simplicity:

  • Less decor is more – allowing the objects themselves to be the feature
  • light, soothing colors
  • Openness – letting the in the winter light
  • emphasizing coziness by accentuating the seating
  • Bamboo Tattoo Mat – beautiful, durable and easy to care for.

Wintertime – to enjoy the beauty of this time indoors – allow all the light you can, bring soothing colors in and embrace simplicity in design.


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