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Spring is coming early this year...these are some of the blooms that are enchanting me

Early Spring Garden surprises! I let our little dog out this morning and decided to take a stroll through our garden. I was surprised by what I found. My cats were wondering why I was so interested in the flowers and not in them!

We’ve had the mildest winter this year! I’m viewing it as an extended spring because typically, spring is short and summer is long and hot!

As I strolled I was amazed at the abundance of blooms. More than I’ve remembered in years – and almost a month early! And I was strolling I was struck, I am so thankful that this garden is mine. These sweet rescued blooms that have graced gardens for a long time I now get to enjoy. I am enchanted this house and this garden is ours.

My little winter statue oversees the garden as spring brings its beauty.

Along the westside, the Snowbells are at their glory along with the daffodils.  These dainty white blooms herald the end of a season and the beginning of another.

The Sweet Alyssum is gracing the garden with Scilla just beginning to open. These little flowers remind me of my childhood where I pretended they were bouquets for my little dolls.

The daffodils – the varieties are such a delight. I love the many daffodils that we rescued from an old home site that now is completely gone. These will live and multiply for a very long time.

The Helleboros have been blooming all winter. Their enchantment is that they appear shy bowing down shielding their beauty.

The statues in my garden add to the enchantment in the garden.

Even some of the roses have begun to bloom…there is a lot of beauty and enchantment in my garden this late winter making it an early spring.

I am enchanted by all of the blooms of spring – early spring and look forward as the garden awakens to all the marvelous blooms that will bring color and charm to our little cottage garden.



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