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Finding Your Passion


Welcome to the first A Return to Loveliness post for 2013!
I am so excited about what the year has in store for us. Blogging has been such an adventure
that I just love sharing and learning with you all. The first of the year grants us much opportunity
reflect, review and to prepare for the upcoming days, weeks and months. Where do you begin?
I find much inspiration during those restful moments when we take time to relax
and reflect with a good cup of tea and something good to read. I have my newest
Victoria Magazine before me and there are several inspiring articles.
One sharing
the inspirations behind several women finding their Bliss through starting their
own business. It is such a wonderful thing to dream, to discover your passions and
to put those things into fruition to finding your own Bliss. 
I think that blogging is a marvelous outlet to aid in you finding your Bliss – finding
your voice, your passions, your niche in this world.
My blog is going through many transitions as you may have noticed. I feel as if I am
in some way starting all over again. Only in that there’s so much to learn and to explore.
A lot of things are very familiar, and a lot of things are quite new.
While taking time to dream and to plan for this year, I am taking into account some
very good advice I recently read. ‘Do the next right thing’. I can find sometimes getting
sidetracked – not knowing exactly what next step I should be taking…what is the next
most important thing to do. So, I pause, and take a moment to reflect – ‘what is the
next right thing I should do at this moment’. I am a list maker so as my wayward
thoughts float all-round me I jot down things I hope to accomplish in all areas of
my life. I try to put some order to these things and then…do ‘the next right thing’.


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