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The reason we pray for one another. Thoughts from the book of Colossians.

In the books or letters in the Bible written by Paul there were several recurring themes. With all his heart Paul was very concerned about two things. The preaching of the gospel of Christ and the growth of the believers in the churches.

In the beginning of each book Paul would begin with a greeting. He would introduce himself, some of these churches never met Paul face to face, but he claimed them. He would always begin with a prayer/greeting of grace and peace.

Paul knew in the world and society he lived in that this was very important. The new believers were leaving behind a way of life they knew and were becoming Christlike. This was important and at the same time difficult and sometimes dangerous.

There were others out there who were adding to the gospel which added unnecessary burdens to the new believers. Paul was instructing the new Christians to leave behind their old beliefs and ways of life.

Paul encouraged believers to take on Christ in every way.

He shared with them that this was very doable because of the promise of the Holy Spirit indwelling each of them. They were learning a whole new way of being and a whole new mindset. And this was difficult to leave what they knew, to become like Christ in a world torn apart by those opposing believers.

For this cause…Paul prayed for his fellow believers. In many ways, this scenario is so very similar today. In many ways we also need to pray for one another.

The world has become quite opposed to those who follow Christ. That is for those who truly learn from Him and want to be just like Him and in no way to compromise.

In the first chapter of Colossians, Paul prayed for wisdom and knowledge. We all need to know what we believe and to be fully grounded in our belief.

Paul prayed for their every day conduct. We too must be careful to always ‘walk’ that is to live our lives as a light that truly represents Christ.

Paul prayed that the believers would be fruitful. As we learn, walk and live we should be drawing others to the truth of the gospel of Christ.

Paul prayed for the believers to be strengthened. The world will try to chip away at us and to wear us down. But, we have an advocate with God, His Son Jesus Christ and we have advocates in one another. We all need to love and to pray for one another to learn, to live, to draw and to be lights for Christ in this world.

In the conclusion in this prayer Paul hinted at a truth. As believers we are present in the promises of God. All we need, we already have. It can only get better.

Our focus and our mission is to be more and more like Christ. He loved every one perfectly. He gave of Himself for all to chose Him. Whether they would or would not. He demonstrated love, kindness, patience, and gentleness to all He met and so should we.

For this cause. What is the cause…because we found out that we were loved so much by God and accepted this gift of salvation. For this cause – for Christ and all He did for us. For this cause – for others. We live, love and pray for others.

In all we do, Christ needs to be pre-eminent in our lives. For this cause…

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