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Getting Organized…Where to Start

getting organized for the easily distracted where to start on A Delightsome Life

Hello, my name is Kathy…and I am super easily distracted! There I said it. But, really, it’s no secret to those who really know me…in fact they have a nickname for me, ‘Squirrel’. I can be listening or deeply in a conversation and just like that – get distracted by something beautiful, or amazing! Then I get back on track!

Those that are easily distracted can be very creative…

Not only am I easily distracted, but I also have thoughts and ideas running through my mind constantly…So, I am a note taker extraordinaire! That’s another subject, post, note taking and keeping track of those notes!

The Easily Distracted also want, maybe even crave, order and structure...Click To Tweet

I do love things in order – some things almost to the level of OCD. Things lined in order, facing the right direction, just thrill my heart…In fact, I am a constant straightener too!

So, not only am I easily distracted, love order, but I am also a collector! I have said before and it is true…it is so very hard for me to pass up a beautiful white Ironstone pitcher! I have a lovely collection and just received a beauty as a gift!

One more thing…I love beginnings and the opportunity to start fresh…to do something new…So, this time of the year, when organizing and decluttering are really BIG, BIG topics…if you searched for when to start getting organized, maybe you found this post…or getting organized for the easily distracted…or plain getting organized, perhaps you found this post!

The Difference Here….

A LOT of the advice on getting organized most likely comes from those who are naturally SUPER ORGANIZED! If you look through their desk drawers not one thing is in that drawer that doesn’t belong! Their closets are picture perfect! Oh, wouldn’t that be nice!

But, for the easily distracted, who is also a collector…we may not have ourselves in order completely or in gear! That doesn’t mean we don’t desire to have that order…especially when it is beneficial to our lives…and truly it is. Order brings peace, saves us time and simplifies our lives. I mean, have you started a project and needed one item…but couldn’t find it? Have you then spent so much time finding that item that you not only lose time, but also create a bit of a mess trying to find it?

Hand up here!!! Mine! Also, I have so many projects going on at once…I have things out of place all the time…

So, then why, someone like me – easily distracted, a collector (not so much a hoarder) and one who has so many things going on at once she might have, most likely has, things out of place sharing on how to get organized…because, this desire, wish is not only for those who are naturally organized or who can keep things in order…the desire to have a place for everything and every thing in its place is desired by us all…oh, and one more little thing…sigh, I oftentimes start things…and don’t finish.

There, it’s said…I’m that package – the easily distracted, collector, multi-tasker who has several projects going on and perhaps some that have been going on for a while. That’s me, ‘Kathy – the Squirrel’! Who is going to share with you thoughts and ideas on how we too can not only get organized, but stay organized…in our own way.

Where do we start…by making a plan

writing out our goal and making our own ‘manifesto’. Consider these quotes…’those who fail to plan, plan to fail’.’a goal without a plan is just a wish’….‘plan your work and work your plan’...’how do you eat an elephant…one bite at a time.’ In this plan you’re writing down you’ll include – what each room will look like organized to include what will be in each drawer and closet. You’ll determine what will be stored seasonally and what will be stored year-round.

The Plan:

  • Write down your motivation.…I am getting organized because_______________________________
  • Keep Your Inspirational quote before you.…what thought, quote idea inspires you to begin each day__________________
  • Start Small – employ the K.I.S.S. principle: Keep It Simple Sweety
  • Make each task doable – so that you can finish it!
  • Keep Track of your progress – review your plan – revise your plan – renew your plan
  • What are your goals? Write them down.
getting organized where to start for the easily distracted on A Delightsome Life


Now that you have your plan…what’s next.

Dividing up that plan into doable tasks.

Getting organized won’t happen overnight. It probably won’t even happen in a week. If we take it one step at a time, in smaller – timed tasks – we’ll prepare ourselves to be organized over the longterm. Set certain days and times to complete these tasks too. One thing that helps me a lot is to play energizing, positive music. This helps me a lot when housecleaning too!

As you go from room to room, drawer to drawer, closet to closet…don’t put anything back that you’ve determined doesn’t belong there! I keep a basket or box handy for things that don’t yet have a home…once you’ve gone through each room, drawer and closet – you can find a space for these items.

Make this fun! Doing these organizing tasks in smaller, doable timeframes; setting aside specific time and determining what goes where…will encourage you to keep going.

So, where do we start…we start by making a plan. We start by visualizing each storage area in what we wish them to be. We start with inspiration and encouragement…and then, we take on these tasks…doable tasks…we eat our elephant of disorganization…one bite at a time!

Soon, I’ll share more on what to do next! – Refining Your Plan

What’s your biggest challenge when it comes to getting organized? Are you easily distracted like I am? Do you struggle with time management…or being able to purge certain things when you need to? I’d love to hear from you!

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