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I will receive a  commission for any candle sale

Each Season has it’s signature fragrances. Fall has us imagining and enjoying the cool crisp air and the glorious glowing leaves. There are the harvest festivals that include the bounty of all the varieties of apples. Then, there’s the season of Christmas. As one of the new Antique Candle Work’s candles is named – the season of Good Tidings.

Antique Candle Work’s November Candles.

I am so very delighted to be a Candle Partner with Antique Candle Works. I met Brittany at the Haven Conference this past summer and just loved her beautiful, fragrant candles. Brittany is a delightful, amazing young lady as well!

So, each month I will share with you their newly released seasonal candles as well as what’s on sale!

This month you can get 10% off if you purchase Good Tidings!

When you close your eyes and imagine all the wonderful fragrances of Christmas you will then find them combined in this amazing candle.

Good Tidings Fragrance:A Christmas favorite with top notes of lemon, lime, and pine with clove and cinnamon added to the blend. Raspberry, maple and a musk smell are also added to create a long-lasting irresistible candle.’

All of Antique Candle Work’s candles are amazing! My sister loves the Wildflower in the antique blue Mason jar!

I love the fresh scent of Sweet Lemon.

The Fragrances of Fall

Fall Harvest...This warm inviting candle brings together to our senses memories of walking through the woods, pancakes with maple syrup and apple pie with cinnamon!

Fall Harvest Fragrance: An autumn aroma with apple, crushed cinnamon, and clove, with hints of orange peel and sweet vanilla.

Autumn Leaves: Do you ever pick evergreen branches for your decorations and just love the beautiful fragrance of the needles and leaves? You’ll then love this inspired Fall candle.

Autumn Leaves Fragrance: ‘A medley of birch and maple leaves with pomegranate, juniper berry, and orange blossom added to the blend’

Then there’s Apple Pickin’ bringing back to us the wonderful experience of going to an apple farm where you could pick your own apples!

Apple Pickin’ Fragrance: ‘The sweet smell of freshly picked apples from the orchard’

The Fragrances of Christmastime

I adore the fresh fragrance of Peppermint! This candle is amazing! It is sure to get you into the holiday spirit!

Peppermint Fragrance: A refreshing and soothing aroma that is both minty and sweet.’

There are so many wonderful fragrances to help you celebrate the Christmas season! I love them all!

Christmas Day: Splendid mix of fresh cut pine boughs of balsam, pine, and fir wrapped around warmed cinnamon sticks, ground clove, with a base note of dried holiday fruits and sweet oakmoss

You should definitely treat yourself to some of these candles! Also, they make wonderful Christmas gifts!

Each beautiful hand poured candles are in vintage-inspired jars that can be reused once the candle is gone for crafts and so many other wonderful things! The wax used is from domestically grown soybeans and fine fragrance oils are used to bring you the most delightfully beautiful candles! Again, I am a Candle Partner with Antique Candle Works and I receive a commission from any candle purchased.

Do you enjoy fragrant candles? Have you ever tried Antique Candle Works? I’d love to know!


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