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It’s before daylight that I awake; every day. It is rare for me to sleep in. I love taking the time to awake early, wash up, put on coffee and have about a half hour of quiet, devotional time. This is every day. 

Sundays are Busy at Our House

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With Dearest being a preacher, Sundays are a very busy day. I know that I am preparing for our day, so is he. After I’ve had my moment of solitude and silence – I greet him and give him some juice. Then I begin to prepare for the remainder of the day.

Preparation begins days before

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What makes a day serene to me? Preparation and cleanliness. Either the day before or a couple of days before, I’ve thoroughly cleaned our house so that the only thing I need to do on Sunday is to make up our bed (a daily must for me) and to wipe down counters in the kitchen and bathrooms.

Sunday Dinner Prepared Ahead

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Sunday dinners are always prepared ahead – they’re always a big meal and perhaps the one we sit down to at our dining table to eat. Always. I have a routine of meals I rotate on Sundays starting from either roasted chicken, pork loin, beef roast or lasagna. Then I set the meal around that – with a starch and two vegies – one might be a salad. There will always be bread – Dearest just loves biscuits. Occasionally, there will be dessert or fruit. There will be enough so that we can either warm up a plate later that night or make sandwiches.

Clothing Always Chosen…laundry caught up

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Not only do I like the house cleaned ahead, but I also make sure the laundry is caught up. I call that our never ending story. It seems there’s always something in the laundry basket; but for the most part – laundry is caught up – no looking for socks or sweaters! My outfits are always selected ahead too. 

Time to Rest and Enjoy

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After church and lunch, we enjoy each other’s company. It is a wonderful time for us to catch up with each other; to tell stories and to connect. Then we might take a nap; I’ve learned the value of a nap! Or, we may do a project or work in the garden…only enough to thoroughly enjoy – not make into a chore.

Evening Relaxation

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I love to plan the week ahead – know where I’m supposed to be and what I’m supposed to do. I’m working more with calendars and notices on my phone and IPad…If I’ve prepared myself I don’t have to wonder what’s next, where I’m supposed to be or what I’m supposed to accomplish. 

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Serenity in life is not only in planning, but also in decision. We cannot control every thing that happens to us, but we most certainly can choose how we act – not react. I love serenity at this point in my life….I plan on it.

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