How to Add French Parisienne or French Country Style to Your Decor

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How to Add Parisienne or French Country Decor

I’ve explored the different decor styles and their influence of the French. I’ve explored the different cottage styles to include English, Beach, Farmhouse and Country French. There are some similarities and distinctions in these styles. My heart leans toward the beauty and comfort of Country French or French Farmhouse style. There’s also a nod to the exquisite style of French Parisienne. If you’re like me and love these styles, just how do you add French Parisienne or French Country Style to Your Decor?

Here’s how to add French Parisienne or French Country Style to Your Decor

You can first take a moment to review all of the influences in French decor style as well as the different cottage styles. Parisienne style can be a compilation of enjoyment of the past all the while embracing the more modern, clean styles.

Parisienne Decor

Who doesn’t love the idea and the romance of Paris? One of my favorite movies, Sabrina, has a quote that speaks to my heart, ‘Paris is always a good idea’. If you haven’t seen this movie (both versions) do! You’ll get an understanding that French style embraces life and love and appreciation of all things beautiful. It’s definitely a feeling, that certain je ne sais quoi (An intangible quality that makes something distinctive or attractive.) 

  • Start with the Bones: Parisienne Apartments large or small have a sense of history, of elegance. Start from your walls. (Add crown moulding, intricate decor to walls and perhaps hardwood floor)
  • From the Top: Antique chandeliers, preferably crystal begin the elegant feeling of Parisienne decor and can compliment any room decor.
  • The Windows: This is where you can add color and drama. Long, luxurious drapes from ceiling and pooling at the floor add that sense of beauty and glamour.
  • The Area Rug: Whether you have hardwood floors, preferred, or carpeting, add a layer with an exquisite area rug. One that emulates the elegant or muted style you’re designing.
  • The furnishing: Here’s where you can add distinctive French style. If you read my review of the Influence of French Style, you’ll note the evolution of the many styles in French Furniture. Pick the one you love. Search for that piece or a few if you’re lucky to have as the anchor, the focus to your room’s decor.
  • Go for the Gold: Gilded furniture had it’s time in French decor. You can add a side table or a lovely ornate mirror or frames to your decor to reflect this element of French style.
  • Quiet or Muted Palette: Here’s where the more modern flair comes to play. You can add well designed modern pieces, but keep the overall look subdued with softer or few colors in furniture and accessories.
  • Add Flowers: A bouquet of flowers is a perfect touch. You can add either a beautiful silk arrangement or fragrant fresh flowers to your room. Perhaps you can have it in a lovely French or oriental vase.

The French Country Style:

Having lived in both the city and in the countryside, I definitely prefer the country. There’s something wonderful about being surrounded by nature, the song of the birds, the more relaxed, slower pace of country living. French country style reflects this sense, feeling of a way of life with a touch of history.

  • Add that collected, ornate piece for a sense of beauty and history
  • Love the beauty of an age – chippy and worn is desired
  • Add a large farmhouse style dining table
  • The colors of the Provencal – here you can add the more robust, bold colors of the south of France.
  • Motifs – roosters, lambs, cows. You can find more of these images in French Country design
  • Patterns: you can combine floral patterns with checks and with the popular toile
  • Function as well as beauty: In the beautiful countryside you’re likely to find that beautiful baskets and copper are not only decorative, but also functional
  • Collections: dishes, large wine bottles, wrought iron and so much more can add to the beauty of this decor
  • Flowers: both fresh and dried add beauty and fragrance to the home’s decor
I've explored the different decor styles and their influence of the French. There are some similarities and distinctions in these styles. My heart leans toward the beauty of Country French or French Farmhouse style. Click To Tweet

The wonderful thing about French style, whether Parisienne or French Country is that it imbues feeling – that je ne sais quoi. This style is timeless. If you add comfort, warmth and beauty with that French flair of sense and feeling of loving life, you and those you love will appreciate the charm that your home will emanate for years to come.

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Adding Parisienne or French Country Decor

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