How to Easily add Farmhouse Charm with Ironstone China

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One of the easiest ways to add the charm of farmhouse-style to your home’s decor is to add pieces of Ironstone china throughout your home.

What is Farmhouse Style

Farmhouse style hearken’s its roots to the pioneering woman and her home. The home was filled with the warmth of collected family objects and items that were sensible and practical.

Today’s Farmhouse style decorating gives homage to these humble beginnings. This style of decorating is warm, cozy, relaxing, and full of charm and character hearkening back to a simpler time.

The Farmhouse styled home gives one the sense of a ‘collected-over-time look’. The furniture and decor shows loving wear and distress from use. 

There would be hand-crafted items here and there. The color palette could be soft and neutral or reflect the warm, sunny colors of Spring or Summer.

Farmhouse style is inviting.

Open shelving display often used items and perhaps and heirloom pieces.

Farmhouse-Style is….

If you search and ask you will get varied and similar answers. There may be a pause as someone pictures in their mind what to them Farmhouse-Style looks like. In this we know, Farmhouse-style has a lot to do with a sense of mind and heart.

Whether you grew up on a farm, your grandparents had a farm or you passed a farm along the road and thought – that’s lovely, country living…

Whether you’ve walked into a farmhouse and were welcomed by discarded boots, hats and jackets. You were probably met by a friendly dog or cat. You then walked into a home filled with a sense of warmth, coziness and practicality. The heart of the home was the kitchen. This is where the days began with a hot, piping pot of coffee. Perhaps eggs, bacon and grits were on the menu. Fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden filled wire and rustic baskets or bowls awaiting preparation for meals or preserving. More likely than not the fragrance of homemade bread filled the home and a jar of fresh jam was always nearby.

There would be vases and pitchers of flowers from the garden or wild flowers from the fields.

Books and radios were probably part of leisure time – such as it was. The family table, the chairs before the fireplace were the gathering spots for family to share stories and to discuss important matters.

The days were filled activity determined by the seasons. Wintertime was restful, restorative, repairing. Spring was the beginning of the morning to evening schedule spent outdoors cultivating the ground for the summer and fall harvests.

Summer and Fall were filled with daily chores as well as picnics and swimming or simple walks down the lane.

Farmhouse – is a style that represents the heart of what we love about home and family living. It’s simple, it’s practical and it’s comforting.

It is no wonder today that modern home styles welcome this rustic style as part of their home decor schemes. It is no wonder that we wish to hold to beauty in our homes that touch the strings of our hearts and imaginations.
You don’t have to live on a farm to embrace Farmhouse-Style.

The elements of decorating in Farmhouse style include items that were practical for farmhouse use. These things could be baskets, wire baskets, linens, lamps/lanterns, crates, tools, pottery, and Ironstone china.

Adding Ironstone to your Farmhouse-style decorating plans brings a sort of charm to any room’s decor.

Ironstone was created for the pioneering, farmhouse woman. This beautiful and very practical china was made to meet the needs of American women who wanted to add beauty to functionality at home. The first Ironstone was the beautiful and well-known transferware. The white Ironstone functioned as day-to-day necessary items, including mealtime.

So, adding the beauty and charm of white Ironstone pitchers, platters, plates, bowls and molds to your decor hearkens back beautifully to those early days.

How to Add Farmhouse Charm with White Ironstone China

  • Combine like items on open shelving or open hutches
  • Place atop cabinets with or without dried flowers such as Lavender
  • Place Items stacked or layer horizontally and vertically
  • Group with items of varied textures on bookshelves and tabletops
  • Place atop wood or basketry trays on tabletops or ottomans
  • Group with your favorite decor items on mantels

There’s no limit! You can add Ironstone china to any room of your house!

It’s all about charm. It’s all about ambiance in getting the Farmhouse-style decor look in your home. There’s no right or wrong. There’s no specific item you should pair with your Ironstone. It comes down to what is beautiful to you.

Are you a fan of Farmhouse-style? Do you love and collect Ironstone? Then, display your finds! I love to change things about from season to season. I even love to group all of one type of collection at times. But, most of the time I love to combine my collection of Ironstone with other items that have color and texture that compliment the china. I also love to display items that are sentimental.

It’s totally up to you! So, go and create, decorate and enjoy the home you’re sprucing for yourself and for your family! I’d love you to share your favorites and your ideas!

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