How to Easily Make a Beautiful Autumn Hydrangea Wreath

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How to Easily Make a Hydrangea WreathHow to Easily Make a Beautiful Hydrangea Wreath

Hints of Autumn are every where. In our garden some of the fall flowers are beginning to form buds. The Hydrangea bush which provided us glorious blooms throughout summer is now showing signs of transition from summer to fall. Several of the blooms have dried on the bush. This is the perfect time to collect Hydrangeas to easily make a stunning wreath.

Bringing Hydrangeas in as Decor

Not all blooms on the Hydrangea bush are candidates for the wreath. You’ll know if they are when:

  • Their color has changed
  • Their texture feels like paper

cutting Hydrangeas in August for stunning wreath project

The first thing you do is to collect enough blooms to encircle your wreath form. If you don’t have enough for a large wire form, you can also make a lovely wreath with a smaller form. Remove all leaves and trim the stem to 3 to 4 inches. (reserve the cut stem)

Hydrangeas that have dried enough on the bush to collect for projectsThese are good candidates from two separate bushes for my Hydrangea wreath.

The material you'll need to make a Hydrangea wreathThe material you’ll need to create a Hydrangea wreath include: wire wreath form, floral wire – 26 guage, wire cutters. 

Making a Hydrangea Wreath Attach the Hydrangea along the center of the wire form; securely wrap the wire around the form and stem three times; wrap the wire one more time ending a little bit below the attached stem. (as pictured above) Continue to add Hydrangea blooms around the form securing firmly. When completely around, cut the wire and wrap several times securely around the form to close. Lift the wreath form. If any of the blooms are not secure enough, wrap more wire around the stem.

Late Summer Hydrangeas decorate our kitchen. They're perfect for wreaths - DIY projectHydrangeas make beautiful Decor for Transitioning from Summer to Autumn

Now that I have the Hydrangea wreath made and hung in our kitchen, I have added more Hydrangeas – both dried and fresh throughout the room.

Hydrangeas bring beauty to your home decor

Late Summer Kitchen decor refresh made beautiful with Hydrangea arrangementsHere’s a free PDF showing you the basics of creating a stunning Hydrangea Wreath.

PDF How to make a stunning Hydrangea wreath

I shared earlier how to enjoy and to preserve your Hydrangeas. Some of the flowers I’m using around our home are from that post.

Some Hydrangeas brought in to beautifully preserve and add to home decor

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