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If  ever there was a house that I would love to spend hours wandering through, inspecting every detail – touching every surface and texture – it would be the Aunt’s house in the movie Practical Magic.

I am most drawn to the kitchen, its creamy white cabinets, the wooden floor, tile wall surrounding the Aga stove, the large wooden work table in the center. I love all the elements combined to create this center of activity for the Owens family.

Then there is the conservatory – I can just imagine the wondrous fragrance of all the herbs and flowers and the cool feel of the stone floor and all the glassware.

The dark, warm woodwork in the rooms with accessories that tell their own story of the ladies of this house.

I am also fascinated by the exterior of the house – the mixture of Victorian and Gothic elements in all their detail. The fenced herb garden off the side porch facing the ocean is quite an inviting site. I’d love to walk through to pick herbs from this garden and to sit beneath the pergola gazing into the tranquil waters.

We are enchanted by the story of the bond of these women and of the timeless sense of place and I think it is all held together by this magnificently imagined and created old house.

A Timeless house, garden, and story – well worth viewing again and again. Thank you for visiting. I am participating in the annual
Practical Magic Blog Party hosted by Frosted Petunias. 

There are several others who will be sharing their enchantment with this lovely story. I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit and will
pop on over to see all the other Delightsome participants!

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