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This project started when I decided to make a change to the decor in the upper hallway.


As you reach the landing there’s a small inset where I’ve had this beautiful round table. I love how it fits, I love the lace curtain – especially in the morning as the sunlight creates beautiful lacy shadows and light. This craft is all about time…

I inherited a collection of drawings my parents acquired when we were stationed in Rio de Janiero, Brazil.

setting sun lighting hallway

setting sun lighting hallway

I’ve had them hanging along the upper hallway in a gallery fashion. Their neutral coloring and beautiful Rosewood frames looked marvelous in the hallway. 

At the end other end of the hall I placed this lovely gilt mirror –




on the wall just before our bedroom and behind the bathroom door – when opened. I was happy enough with this arrangement for a while, but lately I’ve wanted something different for your first view as you took the stairs and approached the landing.

Another ‘Aha’ moment!

rising sun creating lacy shadows

rising sun creating lacy shadows 

I could move the two pieces of artwork to that far wall – continuing the gallery and move the mirror to the inset wall at the landing. This mirror would better ‘match’ the table and the curtain. 

Now, that left an empty wall!


What could I put there! I didn’t have another piece of artwork that would compliment the collection…then I had another, ‘aha’ moment. I’ve been having a lot of those lately!

I could make a clock! 

clockface and view into The Blue Room

clockface and view into The Blue Room

I’ve had a large pressed-wood round stored – just for this project. It would fit nicely in this spot! I wanted it to reflect the neutral coloring of this corner vignette. So I began by layering on colors. I first used the Old White paint…paint brush flying lately too! Once dried, I dry-brushed on burnt umber and burnt sienna. I layerd on another dry brushing of the Old White…not satisfied I appled quick brush strokes of along the edges – to give it an aged feel. It was coming along. I then combined sienna and old white – with crackle glaze. This gave it an antiqued look but too dark. Once dried I added a sponged layer of Old White – this resulted in the light, but aged affect I wanted!

I hand-painted the numbers.


I looked at various pictures of vintage clock faces and chose this long – roman numeral-type font. I used our 6 x 24 clear acrylic ruler that came with our Fiscars Rotary Cutting Set (not a promotion) love this tool! This enabled me to line up the numbers. 

I found a sweet set of clock hands – but they were somewhat small for this large clock.


The solution was to add more detail in the inner circle and adding the minutes. I again did this free-hand – it’s not perfect, but I’m loving the end result.

I also added a quote.


‘We do not remember days…We only remember moments. 

I could have used a transfer for this, but with the slightly rough texture of the crackle and layer of paint – it would not have laid very well…so again hand-made. I love the clock in this spot. I love seeing what time it is as I move through the house…it’s all about time, moments and handmade – with love.

A Few more details.

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-wardian-case-faux-ivy-toile-vaseThis Wardian Case was in The Blue Room, since I had made a few changes when updating Great-Grandpa’s chair, I needed to find a new home for this…I think this wall just outside the room is perfect.

The Chair


just a peak of the blue ceiling in the top right corner

just a peak of the blue ceiling in the top right corner

I found this sweet folding chair at Goodwill…I loved the fabric, but decided to change to compliment the blue of The Blue Room decor and the blue in the hallway ceiling – you get just a peek. And I just love toile designs.

There it is! My updated hallway – I’m thrilled with the changes!

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