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Finding the Perfect Christmas Tree on A Delightsome Life

This weekend we celebrated our family. We had a full day beginning by going to Sandy Creek Christmas Tree Farm to pick out the perfect Christmas tree.

Dearest and Me on A Delightsome Life

With each one of our children grown and married, we knew that Thanksgiving day we would not be able to all be together…so, we gathered for our own Thanksgiving day. We were trying to fit quite a lot into this day. Our annual Christmas party is just a few short weeks away; the house is usually decorated early to include the Christmas tree.

Family Pictures on Thanksgiving on A Delightsome Life 2017


Traditionally, this tree is chosen by Dearest and the girls and it’s a Daddy-Daughter time to decorate the tree. This year we’re blessed with the addition of our daughter-in-law. We’re also blessed with the knowledge that soon our first Grandbaby will be with us! So, we decided to make a day of it – to find a Christmas tree this early, we had to go to a Christmas tree farm.

Sandy Creek Christmas Tree Farm on A Delightsome Life

The Christmas Tree Farm

Our daughter had purchased her tree here last year and knew this farm well. Although all of us weren’t getting a tree, we all gathered to enjoy the experience and to take family pictures. With all family gatherings there was a lot of humor and fun woven into the experience.

The Perfect Christmas Tree

We first began by watching my daughter and her husband select their perfect Christmas tree. This was quite fun…first this one was perfect, then that one then another…eventually, the first one was the perfect one. The cutting down of the tree became a cooperative effort. Then the transporting of the tree to the truck resulted in one of the best pictures taken for the day…an impromptu picture of the family by the truck.

The family together to find the perfect Christmas tree on A Delightsome Life

We spent some time taking pictures trying to stage the best one as a family…I learned something about that – casual, impromptu can be the best…and I want a remote for my camera so I can be in the picture too!

joyously finding the perfect Christmas tree on A Delightsome Life 2017

Then Dearest and the girls selected their tree for our house. Our ceilings are tall and their preference is the Douglas Fir tree. Dearest likes the sturdy branches. Again, this one was perfect, then the next one and so forth. Then, they all agreed upon this beauty…which turned out to be just right. I told them I liked fat Christmas trees and this one I think is the fattest one we’ve ever had!

Dearest adding lights to the Christmas tree on A Delightsome Life

Putting Together The Tree

The party then moved to our house…an hour away! Our daughter and her husband took their tree to their house – with the help of our youngest and her husband. Dearest and I arrived home, set up the tree then the rest of the family trickled in.

family games played for Thanksgiving on A Delightsome Life

Games were brought to make it an enjoyable day. Our son-in-law made Corn Hole frames so the boys enjoyed that…then the girls then the winners of both games. Snacks were brought by the girls – Kettle Popcorn, Buffalo Chicken dip and Sausage Cheese dip…oh, so good!


joyously finding and decorating the perfect Christmas tree 2017 on A Delightsome Life

On to the tree. Dearest takes care of the lights. I LOVE how he fills the tree deep with lights. Of course, the girls are assisting by giving their approval. I put on the ribbon that I made a year back. Then the decorating begins. Each year while they’re decorating, discussions begin about we need more balls or we need more bows, or we need more ribbons…I’ll now continue decorating the house...more to come!

Our Thanksgiving

I made a full Thanksgiving meal of turkey, ham, roasted potatoes, sweet potato casserole, carrot salad, green beans, corn and biscuits. We sat together to enjoy the meal and Dearest blessed the meal . He thanked God for the blessings of our family and of His wonderful blessings in our life.


joyously finding the perfect Christmas tree - family fun on A Delightsome Life

The day was full and fun. Afterwards the boys resumed their games, the girls and Dearest put on the finishing touches to the tree and then more games. The day began by the search for the perfect tree and in the end we found that the perfectness of the day was being together, rejoicing in the blessings of our family…sprinkled with lots of love and humor throughout.

A Delightsome Life family 2017



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