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First Step in Kitchen Renovation.

Renovate: Latin renovatus, past participle of renovare, from re- +novare to make new, from novus new

kitchen renovation lighten cabinet color

I shared in previous posts that I have spent a few days painting cabinets, doors and such in our kitchen in my effort to achieve a Farmhouse look. I was inspired by Jennifer’s kitchen  and her Farmhouse Style.

So, here’s a wee little peak.

cabinets before by door A Delightsome Life

kitchen cabinets after

the knobs have not been put back, some need to be cleared of paint and repainted – I’m going for Oil Rubbed Bronze

I am awaiting a few things I’ve ordered…

Do you track your packages? I do, as if I could virtually watch them make their progress to me. Some should arrive tomorrow – I can’t wait to use what I’ve ordered and share with you as soon as possible.

chalkboard on door a delightsome life

Do you do rabbit-trails on the Internet?

I spent a few hours searching for fabric and wallpaper to use for an idea I have. I have a few ‘possibles’ but am awaiting actual store shopping to see if I can find what I want – to actually see and handle the fabric or paper- if you’ve read my blog before, you know that I live in the country and most good shopping is 1/2 to one hour away (that’s about the only thing I miss about living around Atlanta – the conveniences)…more to come!

white cabinets and moulding a delightsome life

The Paint

Another Internet search and Blog search was to find out what brand of paint is well recommended. Several use Sherwinn Williams, Behr, Benjamin Moore, and Valspar among others. Initially, our rooms were painted with Valspar, they’ve held up beautifully for 10 years – really, I don’t think there’s any fading. But, recently I discovered that Consumer’s Report recommended a new brand to Ace Hardware, Clark + Kensington. This paint comes in a paint-primer combination and my friends own our local, friendly Ace Hardware – that was an easy choice – drive 3 minutes to Ace or 30+ minutes anywhere else!

My friend helped me with colors, because of course, I had a lot of paint chips from everywhere – we selected a color we both liked (from another paint supplier…) they matched the formula – I might name it myself  – and I will paint the walls that color, hopefully Friday. The trim and cabinets are painted with Clark + Kensington High-Gloss Enamel Designer White.

My Painting Tips:

  1. Clear out everything
  2. Clean everything well – I used a combination of bleach and water (recommended by my Ace Hardware friends)
  3. lightly sand everything and use paintable caulk to fill in cracks and holes.
  4. use blue or green tape to ensure straight edges between wall and cabinets
  5. Start top left working left to right – top to bottom.
  6. Clean brushes after every use (some wrap their brush and put it in the fridge-that works, but the paint can build up to where you’d have to do a detailed clean up)
  7. Paint over the whole surface and go back over with long strokes, brush at an angle – to give a smooth surface
  8. Allow to completely dry before putting on another coat or when putting things back.
  9. keep up with paint drop/spots. I got on my hands and knees scrubbing the floors and picking with my nails at microscopic paint drops – I had paper down, but splatters occurred here and there. I am planning to spruce up the floor, so scrubbing was still part of the plan.

Dollar General Terrific find –

As you can see, I left some of the cabinets open. I found at the Dollar General shelf liner that is clear. It is very thick and has a repeat woven pattern. I cut enough to cover the shelves that are painted – it disappears and protects the painted surface and the dishes.

I am happy with the progress

I hope/believe that the results will be such that perhaps another ten years may pass before I embark on another change…perhaps.

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