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Setting a beautiful table for your family and guests is such a pleasure. As you know, I love creating beautiful tablescapes from time to time. I am delighted to share that I’ve found these elegant Glazze Crystal glassware to add extra sparkle to each setting. I have been provided a set of Glazze Crystal to review and to share with you!

Beauty of Hand-Design

Each glass is beautifully hand-cut and hand-painted. These artisanally crafted glassware originate from Turkey bringing with each glass unique unmatched beauty. With this I am loving how I can add glam to an already lovely tablescape. Or, I can add a touch of beauty to a casual tablescape. These glassware are not only beautiful, but also versatile.

make any meal elegant with Glazze Crystal hand-crafted glassware

Bring Elegance to Every Meal

As I begin my day, I love a glass of grapefruit juice. How marvelous it is to treat myself to a lovely setting with beautiful glassware. Even though it’s just me, it’s lovely to begin my day with such an elegant setting.

For lunch, I can add lovely ambiance for teatime, for simple lunches or an elegant affair. Indoors or outdoors in spring or summer, you can create an amazing table setting your guests will love.

For dinner, with candlelight, these Glazze sets will glow! Make every meal special with Glazze Crystal. Oftentimes we include more than one glass to each guest, this allows them to select their drink of choice, or to begin with cool, clear water – elegant dining can be an every day occasion.

Beautiful Sets

The glasses I received to review come in a set of six. Glazze Crystal includes a wonderful variety of sets such as decanters, pitchers, wine glasses, champagne glasses, water glasses, spirit glasses and beautiful bridal toasting glasses. If you’re looking for a special gift – you’ll find a variety of beautiful, unique glassware at Glazze.

I am delighted to have this opportunity to share these lovely glassware sets with you. I do so love setting a beautiful tablescape for my family and friends. This set will surely add just the touch of elegance – to whatever meal- that will make them feel special.

I was given a set of Glazze Crystal glassware to review. All opinions in this post are my own.

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