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Hello! I Welcome…I am your first visit to our Neutral Winter Home Decor Blog Hop

Neutral Winter White Home Decor

Neutral Winter Home Decor…the perfect look and the perfect transition after the vibrant colors of Christmas have all but become a memory.

I am inspired by the beauty of Wintertime.

Nature decorates the world in a different way so that we can appreciate the beauty of simplicity and of structure. Most of  the trees and shrubs have shed their leaves to reveal the beautiful structure of the limbs and branches as they reach toward the winter sky. The landscape is clearer and at some places and sometimes whiter. This emphasizes the serenity of the time and the beauty around. The tranquil surroundings outside inspire our decorating inside…I am so delighted to be sharing with you from my home Neutral Winter Home Decor and to be sharing this experience with several amazing Bloggers as we welcome you to our homes.

Neutral Winter Home Decor Blog Hop on A Delightsome Life - the winter light

The Light and Winter White

Daylight hours are shorter, but there’s a beauty in the tone of the color of the light during winter. The shadows are long reaching from the south toward the north…the morning light may be tinged with traces of rose color…circling the horizon. The light blue of the sky adds to the softness and serenity of the landscape below.

comfortable surroundings are the hallmark of neutral winter decor on A Delightsome Life

We can bring elements of this beauty indoors. After cleaning away the festive, bright and vibrant colors of Christmastime, we may even crave the more serene, gentle surrounding of neutral winter home decor. I first begin by removing all on my shelves and tabletops to create a clean landscape. Then, I take a moment to imagine that space – what would bring serenity to me. In the photo above, this recovered ottoman simply has a tray, books ready to read and a bowl filled with bleached pinecones and dried Lavender.

  • lighter decor
  • neutral colors
  • inviting sitting areas
  • comfort and calm
  • something to read and something to refresh

serene surroundings that inspire bliss during winter - neutral winter home decor on A Delightsome Life

Each Room Can Be Transformed for Winter

One of my favorite words is Bliss…as I consider the decor for our home during winter…in the back of my mind I think, ‘how can I bring bliss to this room?’ 


a quiet reverie - a place to sit and to reflect during the winter months on A Delightsome Life

A Quiet Reverie

By the slipcovered couch, I keep a basked filled with soft, fluffy blankets to coccoon in while cacthing up on my reading. Winter is such a perfect time to enjoy a quiet reverie.

the rare beauty of winter - neutral home decor on A Delightsome Life

The Rare Beauty of Winter

I am thrilled in the mornings as the sun rises to see almost a halo of rose along the horizon. There’s a difference in the blue of the sky…I love crisp, bright clean mornings. This windowseat filled with pillows is another wonderful place for me to enjoy warm tea, a good book and to watch the birds outside.

neutral decor includes soothing accents of bleached pinecones and dried Lavender on A Delightsome Life


When I and my family come home, I want our environment to be soothing and relaxing. I want for us to thoroughly look forward to returning – a serene winter neutral and white palate is the perfect background.

during winter one of the beautiful aspects is lovely evergreens on A Delightsome Life

The Beauty of Evergreens

If we don’t want to relinquish the beauty of Christmastime, evergreens are the perfect answer for accents to our home’s decor. These awesome preserved boxwood wreaths have been decorating my kitchen year-round -they’re one of my favorite finds from Decor Steals.

A place for quietude - during winter it's a wonderful time to catch up your reading on A Delightsome Life

A Place for Quietude

‘A room where one sleeps and dreams and grieves and rejoices becomes inseparably connected with those processes and acquires a personality of its own. This room is not a pretty or dainty one, but it has always been a retreat for me, the one spot in Belmont where I might be alone and possess my soul in quietness’. L.M. Montgomery, from her journal.

the beautiful winter light and neutral home decor on A Delightsome Life

Winter’s Glow

the measure of a room’s coziness may be different from one person’s perspective to another. I love how each room I go through in our home transitions from one to the other. I love the big open windows allowing what light there will be in winter in. The difference in the light brings a different glow to the decor in the room. It’s something to treasure.

the rare beauty of winter - neutral home decor on A Delightsome Life

Harmony on a Winter’s afternoon

Serene, quiet, gentle and harmonious…these are the descriptions that come to mind as I think about how I want one to feel as they enter our home any time of the year…but, most especially in wintertime.

simplicity - the hallmark for neutral winter home decor on A Delightsome Life

A time of grace – indoors

‘a time to enjoy the hearth and home and the tranquility they bring. Winter provides peace we need to lay plans for the days ahead.’

dining in wintertime can be a symphony in white on A Delightsome Life

dining – symphony in white

‘Ahh! There’s nothing like staying home for real comfort’ Jane Austen, ‘Emma’

When we come home, we want every aspect to be welcoming. I love white dishes and they are so very comforting during the wintertime! as my family walks in and are embraced by the aromas of the meal prepared for them, I want all that they experience to give them the warm hug of the comforts of home. These are some of the very many reasons I love this time of the year. I love being able to create an inviting, welcoming home – using neutral winter decor – to encourage a beautiful sense of comfort for my family.

I hope you’ve enjoyed your visit. I am so delighted to share that next on your tour today is Hip and Humble Style! Deborah has such amazing home and she decorates it beautifully! I know you’ll be even more inspired!

After Deborah, today, is Bethany at Crisp Collective – she will bring you to her beautiful home decorated in Neutral Winter Decor…

Here’s the full list of the participants and their dates! 

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As a Special Bonus we will be hosting a Linky Party on Friday, January 20 for you to post your winter decor! Share with us how you transitioned from your Christmas decor to Winter decor! (please! Only decor, tablescape, vignette or home decor crafts posts only)

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