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Captivating Restored316 website theme review by A Delightsome Life

Captivating by Restored316

Captivating by Restored316 – Feminine WordPress Themes for Female Entrepreneurs is an exquisite website design that is full of features with amazing benefits to Bloggers and their readers.

Custom Images Created for A Delightsome Life

My Love of Blogging and of Beauty

I’ve been blogging for quite a few years now and it has come a long way! I was first drawn to the world of blogging by following beautiful blogs with gorgeous photos and amazing writing. That has not changed. What has changed is that online journaling has become a way for us to not only expand our creativity and gain kindred spirits, but also enable us to bring home some beneficial revenue. Perhaps to assist in those projects and in your passions. Restored316 website themes are all beautiful and they’re all different.

Reviewing Restored316 newest theme Captivating

A Website Theme Design with the Blogger in Mind

I met Lauren, Lesley and Lani at the Haven Conference this year. They shared a wonderful class on ‘Taking Control of Your Website’. There were also some other very good classes and representatives there with nuggets of good information for Bloggers. Lauren mentions having talked with two such representatives on what is important to us as Bloggers. That is SEO and Advertising. Also, Lauren placed within this design attributes that will not only be attractive to you, but also to your readers. Let’s dig into these, shall we!

Above The Fold

Having worked for a newspaper I understood the concept and the meaning and the importance of information ‘above the fold’. This also applies to online websites. ‘Above the Fold’ refers to the first content you see when looking at the front page of a newspaper (which is usually folded in half). This information should grab your reader’s attention.

What You See:

  • Static Announcement Bar – you can include messages or an email/newsletter sign up box
  • Navigation Menus – helpful to direct your readers to your pages and categories
  • Logo – can be placed on the left or in the center – flanked by the navigation menus
  • Rotating Slider of Latest/Favorite Posts
  • Social Media Buttons – for ease in readers access to follow
  • Attractive, Clean Design – what is important to your readers, advertisers and Brands is the aesthetics, accessibility and clean design to your website.

What is SEO

SEO Benefits

Search Engines don’t see the pretty in websites. They don’t care. Search Engines see text. You’ve switched over to ‘text’ when adding html code to your posts and note all the coding that takes place in your posts to include how an image is described, how big the fonts or sentences are, placement of text and images, color of font, etc… What Search Engines look for in your posts are those elements that draw their attention to web searches. These are the techie things we need to have some knowledge of, but thanks to Restored316 website design Captivating – you don’t have to think about some of them! Just what’s important to you – beauty and content! Here’s a few things to keep in mind. 

  • Multiple H2 headings – these are VERY IMPORTANT to SEO. These stand out and draw attention – in the first heading of this post I used H2 setting. You want to place relevant “keyword(s) or phrases there for Search Engines to find your post. These are incorporated by Restored316 to maximize your benefit – without you having to figure it out!
  • Hint – when uploading your pictures make sure they’re named with keywords and Alt attributes include key word phrases. Remember, Search Engines ‘see’ text

What is Responsive Design For Websites

Responsive Design

What is it and why is it important to you? Responsive Design means that your beautiful website is configured to be seen just as you want it to on multiple devices such as phones, tablets, laptops and desktops. All this without adding additional plugins! More people now spend more times surfing the Web on their tablets and phones. This is another change to blogging that we have to go with the flow so that our readers will enjoy their experience when viewing our sites.

Restored316 Captivating Theme Category Page example

Category Index Page

You’ve written some awesome posts! You want your readers to find them and to find them beautifully. You also want Search Engines to find them! Category Index Pages make that wonderfully possible. What Lauren has included in the Captivating Theme is beautifully laid out with ample space for several posts and categories to be displayed. Also, you can customize the images to be square or with vertical images.


Styled For Great Plugins

Hold the phone! As I’m going through all the wonderful and beautiful design elements to Restored316’s Captivating website theme...this has made my heart skip a beat. My current theme Refined is amazing, simply amazing. But, the inclusion of some of these plugins may be a game changer for me…oh, be still my heart! 

  • Social Warfare – is what it says, provides the ability to your readers to share your website and posts to Social sites. But, wait…there’s more! They’re: customizable, attractive, Pinterest images, Custom Tweets, displays social share counts, analytics integrated, and more…
  • Instagram Feed – It is the website width display of images from your Instagram account – to which they can click on to add more…it’s beautiful, clean and customizable
  • Reward Style – (this is what made my heart skip a beat) This is an affiliate link platform for Bloggers. This gives you the ability to add beautiful galleries of images of relevant products to posts, pages, etc…you’ve seen the ‘shop this look’ feature…hmmm, yes!
  • Gravity Forms – This plugin allows you to quickly and easily integrate any third party affiliates and beautiful contact forms into your blog and into pages.

Ad Networks and their importance to Bloggers

AdThrive Tested and Approved

The most consistent and easiest way for a Blogger to monetize their website is through advertisements. There are several Ad Networks that work very well for Bloggers – including AdThrive. This network was at Haven and Lauren consulted with them on how to integrate their needs to website design to meet your needs and to remain beautiful at the same time. These are some of the wonderful Ad Networks  available to Bloggers:

*my Ad Network

strategically placed email newsletter sign up boxes make followers become friends

Newsletter Sign Up

Email marketing is so very important to Bloggers. Several ‘followers’ sign up for your posts and/or newsletters to be delivered to their In Boxes. Having easy to find sign up boxes makes it much easier and more pleasant for your readers!

Are you still with me?! Or have you become so interested you’re ready to see more for yourself why Restored316 website theme Captivating is so awesome?

Just a Little Bit More…

There are a few important things you need to know and that will be very, very helpful to you. First of all. These themes work on two things: WordPress Self-Hosted sites and Genesis Framework. If you don’t have either of those, this theme or any of Restored316 themes won’t work for you. If you really, really like the features and beauty of these themes, Restored316 provides numerous ‘how-to’ documents to help you in moving over or even to start fresh!

More Important Things:

  • You Can Do This Yourself – yes, you can! I have applied Restored316 themes to my site twice (Refined and Divine). You are provided with thorough step-by-step instructions on how to completely install and implement this wonderful theme (or any of the Restored316 themes)
  • You Can Hire Restored316 to install this for you – for a nominal fee. I have hired someone to design my website many, many moons ago because I was brand-spanking new to WordPress and was so very unsure of myself – it was costly back then, but the fee to install this for you is so much less than I paid!
  • Fully Customizable – Have you ‘Branded’ your website? Have you created logos, selected font colors etc…and you want to keep your ‘look’ consistent. You can easily do this with Captivating and all Restored316 themes
  • Restored316 Amazing Support – once you purchase your theme you have access to numerous other documents for installation as well as awesome support. These girls are committed to their mission – ‘to make the Internet beautiful one website at a time’. Your success and satisfaction is their success and satisfaction – it’s a beautiful thing!

So…Ready to take a look for yourself and to explore, perhaps purchase…

O.K., click on the image below. Also, know (full disclosure) that I love and believe in Restored316 I am part of their Affiliate Program. So, if you click here and follow through with purchasing I will receive compensation. That’s another wonderful thing about blogging the affiliations you can make – that you have tried and fully support! 


Let me know what you think! If you’re not even a little bit interested, pop on over anyway just to see all the amazing beautiful website designs – you may have seen some used by other bloggers and companies. If you end up purchasing Captivating or another theme – let me know when it’s fully installed – I’d LOVE to see your beautiful, new site!

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