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My Sweet Rose

There is a garden in her face
Where roses and lillies grow;
A heav’nly paradise is that place
Wherein all pleasant fruits do flow.
There cherries grow which none may buy 
Till “Cherry-ripe” themselves do cry.
Those cherries fairly do enclose
Of orient pearl a double row,
Which when her lovely laughter shows,
They look like rose-buds filled with snow;

Yet them nor peer nor prince can buy,
Till “Cherry-ripe” themselves do cry.
Her eyes like angels watch them still;
Her brows like bended bows do stand,
Threat’ning with piercing frowns to kill
All that attempt, with eye or hand
Those sacred cherries to come nigh
Till “Cherry-ripe” themselves do cry.
Thomas Campion

This is my one of my favorite John William Waterhouse paintings. 
The allure of the rose, its beauty and fragrance,
is captured wonderfully as this woman is 
quite taken by this rose.

I am so grateful to those who over time were so drawn to the rose
to create varieties of incredible beauty and who have brought their own
romance to the rose.

Empress Josephine – despite her personal problems, she created a wonderful
garden at Malmaison that produced several roses.
Queen Josephine elisted the talent of botanist and artist Pierre Joseph Redoute 
to capture the beauty of roses in her garden.

 Pierre Joseph Redoute became known as the man who painted roses

Athenaeus, a writer of the times, records that Cleopatra covered the 
floors of her palace in fresh rose petals to a depth of half a meter. 
The sails of her royal barge were drenched in rose water. In her bedroom surrounding the bed itself, the floor was covered in a thick sultry layer of rose petals. 

Gertrude Jekyll said of the old fashioned bush roses that could be found in the garden of Edwin Lutyen, “‘these were the roses that so often appear in the pictures of the Dutch flower painters; and in more recent years it was these flowers, now old fashioned, but always adorable, that, amid all the thousands of more modern kinds, held the admiration and inspired some of the most beautiful work of Fantin-Latour, whose genius and sympathy enabled him to show on his canvases, not only their intrinsic beauty and dignity, but also a sympathetic suggestion of their relation to human life and happiness’
The Graham Thomas rose
Graham Thomas inspired the revival of the old garden rose. 
This large rose bush is an example of an old garden variety –
La Marne.

Roses are a gift – they have enchanted gardeners for centuries – a garden without roses – would seem empty – To take in the beauty and the fragrance of a rose – 
is pure bliss. I am thankful to our dear friend Cielo for inspiring this week’s 
to be celebrating the rose. Cielo has an amazing garden simply filled with beautiful roses. I would place Cielo among those who have so adored roses to bring
about a renaissance of appreciation for the beauty of one of God’s creations.
Please stop by The House in the Roses for a visit – 

I appreciate your visit – I wish you a very Delightsome day

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