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One Room Challenge Guest Bedroom transformation on A Delightsome Life

It took a little push, a little nudge for me to begin. I have been wanting to transform this bedroom, now guest bedroom, because it has been the same color for about 13 years! At first, this room was our son’s room. That’s why it was a dark blue. Then our eldest daughter moved in before she married…now it’s a guest bedroom. It’s also the smallest bedroom in the house. It needed a change – an update. Now, I’m inspired, amazed and ready for One Room Challenge to begin!

One Room Challenge Inspired at A Delightsome Life


In preparation for the room transformation I did a little online dreaming. What I discovered that my eye and my heart were drawn to the simplicity, the beauty and the serenity of white rooms. This room being the smallest room in the house would definitely look larger, brighter in white. In fact, it’s so small I’ve nicknamed it the box. I think it is a perfect square.

One Room Challenge Prairie Cottage accessories on A Delightsome Life


As I was preparing the room to paint, I discovered something. A Cottage Style I had never thought I would use began to reveal itself to me. Prairie Cottage! The basics for the decor were already there! I just needed to tweak it a bit. So, I did a little research. Two beautiful ladies have made this style popular…and romantic. Both Fifi O’Neill and Rachel Ashwell have written books, magazines and articles illustrating the country charm of Prairie Cottage…I so love all Cottage Styles and am so excited to be able to give this one a try – to bring its personality into our home.

Fall One Room Challenge Guest Bedroom Prairie Cottage at A Delightsome Life


I have the color, I have the decor scheme…now I have a plan. I have more ideas for the accessories that will decorate this room to better bring out the Prairie Cottage style…and on a budget! I recently shared how we can decorate beautifully on a budget. This room will give me the opportunity to demonstrate this step-by-step!

One Room Challenge Prairie Cottage Guest Bedroom Plan on A Delightsome Life

The Plan

Now that I’ve decided the color, the decor scheme and the necessity of more accessories. I have a plan – all with creating this room on a budget in mind.

  • Find the right white paint color
  • Decide on the major pieces of furniture
  • Decide on the window treatment
  • Decide what will decorate the walls and accessorize the rooms
  • The Reveal

One Room Challenge

One Room Challenge, hosted by Calling It Home, and House Beautiful brings together Interior Decorators, DIYers and more biannually to share their inspirational room transformation. Beginning today and for the next few weeks, you can go here to see all of the very different One Room Challenges. Twenty Design Bloggers will share their work as well as a number of Guest Challengers. This will be fantastic and inspiring!



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