Our Christmas Trees over the years…

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Our Christmas Trees Over the Years

Our Christmas trees over seven years on A Delightsome Life


Dearest and the children really picked a big tree this year! They were asking me where all of the ornaments were…’they’re all there,’ I replied…then I thought to look at the trees of Christmas past…

So, here’s our current tree…it’s beautiful, full and well, fat!

Christmas trees through the years - 2017 on A Delightsome Life

We first went back to real Christmas trees in 2013, on a whim by Dearest. Ever since, it has become a way for the children to return home and to spend time with us decorating. This year we purchased our tree from a tree farm. We made a day of it! I’ve loved and appreciated faux trees in the past and I do so love real trees…But then I realized the most important things about Christmas trees are the memories created together and the very reason we have this Christmas season – the love of God.

In 2016… our tree was just as beautiful…

Christmas tree review - this was our tree in 2016 on A Delightsome Life

But, just a wee bit smaller. You can definitely see the build-in bookcase beside it. I love the tree all lit for photos. I can see why they thought we were missing ornaments – this Christmas tree was quite full and in this year they didn’t use them all!

Christmas tree in 2015 - beautiful French decor on A Delightsome LifeOur Christmas tree in 2015 was pretty close to what we have now. The banner is the same and it’s almost as big…almost! Again, some of the ornaments were not used and I think that makes a difference in how a tree looks. Over the years, I’ve mostly used the same decorations, but just in different ways. This works for the Christmas tree as well.

Our Christmas tree 2014 beautiful with the red decor on A Delightsome LifeNow I love this look for the 2014 Christmas tree! The red is stunning. This is a beautiful tree aglow with the lights and decor! I made this banner of all the names of our LORD Jesus from parchment paper. This year they also wanted more color on the Christmas tree, so I made red bows, which I think is very striking.

This year, the 2013 Christmas tree, I believe was almost as big, and was definitely pretty tall. This is the first year for the banner with the names of our LORD. This was the first year in a long while for us to a real tree. Dearest decided that we would all go out and get one. He thought we could go find a beauty in the woods…well, that didn’t work out! The children loved selecting the Christmas tree...we now have a tradition of gathering together to select and to decorate our tree.

Our 2012 Christmas tree was artificial. We have had this Christmas tree for years and worked wonderfully – but it wasn’t big enough. There was more blue and purple in this one. I believe it is because the girls at this time loved those colors and it was all about them and the time spent with Dearest decorating.

Our Christmas tree in 2011 was beautiful and romantic…alongside this soft tablescape. This year I decorated this Christmas tree. I wanted a soft, romantic look. I used tule as garland as well as mostly gold colored ornaments.

2010 Christmas treeOur 2010 Christmas tree was set in our dining room. This window and view from the French doors is beautiful. Setting a lovely tablescape adds charm to the ambiance of the Christmas decor. 

Our Christmas Trees over seven years on A Delightsome Life

Seven years of Christmas trees. This is such a wonderful time of the year to celebrate all the wonderful blessings in our life, family, home, and faith in God. I think the Christmas tree is a beautiful way to have a visual of those things that bring us delight during this holiday season.

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