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Soft Gray

painted living room table soft gray

I’m still living with and considering the final choice of the color selection for our living room wall. I really like the color of the walls on the back of the built-in bookcases. As I look at them and envision the room a different color – I see changes I want to make. I want to slipcover Dearest’s recliner and the opposite side chair. I want to slipcover one of the couches and I want to paint some of the furniture. I decided to paint the living room side table by the built-in and recliner a soft gray. 

Color Samples

paint samples updating living room color

If you recall, I had four paint samples that I’ve used in considering the wall color choice. One of the samples, Lowe’s Woodland Colonial Gray, we ruled out I still liked and thought it would make a wonderful paint color for furniture.

The Table Before

painted living room table-2This sweet table came from an Estate sale of a dear friend who no longer lives here. I picked up quite a few pieces from her home – they’ll always remind me of her. 

The Table After

painted living room table-7I applied two coats of the paint straight from the sample jar. Then I applied the antiquing wax from Fusion Paint into the design and lightly throughout. I love aged patina on furniture. Then I finished with a good coat of clear wax. 

The First Transformation for the Living Room

painted living room table-3I believe I will go along with the color choice for the walls, Smoked Oyster. As you know, a project can spur several projects. Now that this table is painted, I am considering paiting the bench beside it – perhaps a blue. 


IMG_1133A fabric warehouse has an bi-annual sale where they sell selected fabrics at $1.99/lb. I picked this selection for the living room.

Top Right to Bottom:

  • fabric one and two for pillows
  • fabric three for my chair opposite Dearest’s recliner
  • Fabric four or six for the ottoman/or pillows
  • Fabric five for Dearest’s recliner – next to the newly painted table
  • Fabric seven a neutral wild card
  • Fabric eight slipcover the couch
  • Fabric nine european square size pillows for the couch

Change in Decor Style

painted living room table-8

painted living room table-7

The decor style to the living room was decidedly English Cottage. Now, with the color changes to soft grays and blues, which will complement the blue of the dining room, I’m thinking the living room will take on more of a French Country feel.

Change in Time – Change in Color Preferences

painted living room table-1We’ve lived with the colors I selected for our home’s rooms for over ten years now. My tastes and preferences are now leaning toward softer, serene colors. I’m sure back then, I would not have thought of gray, but I’m loving it so much now.

painted living room table-5


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