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Is there a Perfect Shade of White?


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perfect shade of white paint on A Delightsome Life

Is there a Perfect Shade of White?

After deciding on the perfect look you wish to decorate your room….the next question and step is…what color to paint the walls?


White walls are everywhere. So much so that some are thinking that there may be too much…But, I disagree. When a classic is a classic; it will always be a classic. White walls will always be a classic in Cottage decor design.

an example of the many and varied shades of white on A Delightsome Life for One Room Challenge

White walls are the perfect versatile background for any decor. From all the very many Cottage Styles to Contemporary and Modern decor styles – white walls complement any look.

But, did you know that there’s so much more to white? There are numerous and varied shades of white. Just about every paint company has several different shades of paint for you to select.

example of warm whites on A Delightsome Life

an example of cool whites on A Delightsome Life

Just which paint will work for you?

There are certainly things to consider.


  • Color temperature – cool or warm. These are the undertones in the color.
    • Warm colors have more of a subtle yellow base.
    • Cool Colors have more of a subtle blue base.

It all depends on what you like…



Then there’s lighting

Does your room face North, South, East or West...light is everything. Do you have large windows, small windows, French doors or few windows. The location of the room and the lighting will create different moods and ambiance in your room. Don’t forget the lighting you add to the room. Do you have overhead light, task lighting….the type of bulb you choose as well can affect how the shade of white you select may appear.

blue guest bedroom before transformation on A Delightsome Life

guest bedroom before

Test – And – Live – With – It

The best way to know whether you’ve selected the perfect white paint color for you…is to narrow your selection down – no more than 5 or 6. Purchase sample sizes of your selections and paint large swatches on a wall that gets the affect of various shades of light. Then, live with it for a few days. Observe what the color looks like first thing in the morning, mid-morning, noon, mid-afternoon and evening. You’ll quickly eliminate those that aren’t pleasing to you. When you’ve lived with your selections, then narrowed them down then you’re ready to make your choice. One other thing. If you’re going to have fabrics with various shades that you want to make sure complement – make a ‘mood’ board by painting a swatch of your narrowed choices then comparing how the fabrics look against the paint. If you have chosen a warm white, but your fabrics lean more toward the cool tones – do they complement or does it make your paint color look dull or ashy. When you’ve narrowed down your selection, compared with your decor elements…now you’re ready!

white guest bedroom - is there a perfect white - A Delightsome Life


One Last Question…Is Pure White too Stark?

I’ve read this in several places. I think there’s two schools of thought here. Pure white can appear very stark – depending on the decor and the environment. Alternatively, Pure White can appear beautiful and clean to others. It all comes down to a matter of perspective and how the paint is used.

white paint transforms a guest bedroom A Delightsome Life



So…the moment of truth. I’ve looked at the many and various shades of white. I’ve considered all my options and for this room, for this project…I selected Decorator’s White by Clark & Kensington. It’s unpretentious, it’s pure…it’s for me the perfect white…when painting a room white for the first time and it will complement the Prairie Cottage decor beautifully.

white guest bedroom transformation A Delightsome Life


The last part of the room to be painted white…then the decorating begins!

Next…Window Treatments! Check back next week!

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