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A Window Shrouded in Lace and Ivy
I was getting the distinct impression that lines were being blurred.
My imagination was running away with me as piece by piece, the
window covering to the last window in our green room came together.

I have had this desire to create a combination Shabby Chic, Romantic
Cottage and Garden Cottage look to the room I often refer to as
my retreat. The rest of the house is a combination of French Country
Cottage, English Country Cottage. The colors lend themselves to the
autumnal season. But, behind these french doors in the green room,
I was allowing myself license to explore and to create a dream room.

There my imagination flourished as I found piece by piece to create
this dream room. I began with the furniture…I painted this bed white
and used graphics from The Graphics Fairy to add to the cottage look.
I then painted the shelf unit that sits behind grandmother’s couch- which
is slip-covered. I removed the red, green and gold strolled roman shades
I had made years ago and adapted them to fit the windows in the
dining room. Their color and style better fit that room.



Then the windows were bare for a very long time. I found yards and
yards of white material I had collected over time and being inspired
by my neighbor’s light tie up shades – I envisioned how I wished the
windows to be. I layered this bank of windows with three tie up curtains
– to add further privacy and shade from the setting sun. To mount the
curtains I used two angel sconces I had painted white and an angel shelf
in the center. I found these lovely cabbagy roses at my friend Maria’s
store, Rooms U Love – they combined with garlands of ivy add to the
Romantic – Garden Cottage feel.


I found this batten burg lace shower curtain some time back and was
thrilled that it would fit in with the look I was attempting to achieve.
The curtain was too narrow, however, so I pondered how to cover the
sides and how to add interest to the top. I had always in the back of my
mind the very romantic look created by Sandi at My Shabby Streamside
Studio – she made large tissue roses and hung them throughout her
lovely hideaway. I made several of these and attached them to the top
of the curtain rod – a perfect crowning.



Then my imagination began to flourish again – the curtain was like a
beautiful dress, the flowers like a crown – how about a lace veil. I have
a lot of lace and fortunately I have a long piece of beautiful white lace.
Cut in half it was a perfect addition to drape alongside the curtain. To
add to the Romantic – Garden Cottage look I draped more ivy garland
along each side.
Here the lines of indoors – outdoors in my imagination began to blur…I
was filling the room with flowers, ivy, fairies and angels…in my fertile mind
I was creating an outdoors room fit for a fairy princess. This room is set off
from the living room. With the doors closed no one is aware of this fairyland room…With the door ajar one can get a brief glimpse of the long-narrow
room the Shabby – Romantic – Garden – Fairy – Cottage room.
Am I done….I just don’t know.
No,…no I am not 🙂



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