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Moments of Stillness…Moments of Quietness.

Early in the morning, there’s not much sound in our little corner of the world. Save, the song of the birds awakening and the slight breeze in the trees. All else is quiet.

I love to savor these moments. All too soon, the whole world will be awake traffic noises will begin, neighbors will be mowing, raking, burning leaves (by the way – they always select the most beautiful days to do this too!)

Inside, the sounds of the kettle add its notes to the morning’s song. I pause and listen to them all. I focus on my heart and mind – to prepare myself for the day.

I begin by reflecting on thankfulness – on thinking of those things that I know I am blessed with. Another day, my relationship with God, Dearest by my side, my children’s lives-homes-happiness, their families, my extended families, health, home, and so forth.

I then think of the needs of others that I am aware of. I think of how I may be a blessing for today.

I then make my coffee – give Dearest his coffee and take a few more moments of quietness and stillness.

Sometimes I have to rise early to accomplish these early morning routines. Sometimes I am not able to make it and I can tell the difference.

Morning routines are so important.

I do believe that if we take a moment and listen to the silence we can hear the voice of God.

Peace be still.

Wait on the LORD.

Sing praises in your heart.

Rejoice in all things.

“Strive for peace with everyone, and for the holiness without which no one will see the Lord.” Hebrews 12:14

Then, I take time to read and to talk with God – most of my thoughts and prayers come from the heart – I’ve come to understand that God knows exactly what’s on our hearts – and voicing those things sometimes is for my own benefit.

Then, I love to add happy notes to the silence of the morning by playing favorite songs. I love diverse music styles – my choices can be classical, gospel, country, some jazz or contemporary. Music adds such buoyancy to the beginning of the day.

Then, there’s the selection of the things to do. I really need to determine what they are because I am so easily distracted and can be drawn away to those shiny things that seem to want my attention!

When I set my day right. When I begin with quiet, focused moments – my day seems brighter, lighter and with more purpose.

I wonder, do you seek quiet and stillness first in the mornings? Do you have a morning routine that helps you begin your day?

Giving ourselves these moments whether they’re in the beginning, in the middle or at the end – helps our hearts and minds be the best they can be so that we can see what’s most important. That is we can focus on those most important things – that usually lie outside of ourselves.

Life is grand. Each day a joy and a gift. I pray that you will have the most wonderful day today. And that you will find peace, quiet, contentment and joy in all you endeavor to do.

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