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Be Yourself

There’s no one else like you! Isn’t that marvelous! God created us each individually, with our talents, our looks, our personality – a unique package! Even twins or triplets – there’s something different about each – they too have their own uniqueness.

That applies in all areas of our lives. In the blogging world, we see others, their lives, their accomplishments, their looks, their talents etc…we should never want to be them or try to walk their path. Our lives are so much more than those brief moments we share online – they’re filled with minute by minute joy and possibilities.

We can learn from others, we can even be inspired by others – but we should never feel bad about ourselves because of what we see in other’s ‘shared’ lives. We don’t know every thing they have going on in their life. I’ve read that 90% of what we see is curated – made nice for viewing, in my opinion. Rarely do people let down their hair, pull back the curtains to let you see all that they’re dealing with. There’s nothing wrong with that – we’re sharing what to us is beautiful and wanting to make a difference.

In your corner of the world, in your own way you can make a difference. You have a special and unique spark that is needed by someone else – you, yourself can be an encouragement.

God told us we’d have difficulties. He told us that he would take us through them, not remove them. Through the fire gold is purified. Through pressure diamonds are made. Beauty does come from ashes. After a fire, certain plants are revived, thrive. 

So, be inspired by others, learn from others, but remember – you have your own delightsome life. Treasure it, enjoy it and thank God for it!

Psalm 139:14  “I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.”

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