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Serene SundayThe only thing that will change the world

When Jesus left his disciples his parting instructions was to tell the world his gospel. And he gave them only two commandments. All other ‘do’s’ fall within them. 

  • Love God with all your heart, soul and mind
  • Love others as Jesus loves them

It’s that simple. We tend to complicate things and look for solutions where they are impossible to find. Over time, man has garnered his own beliefs, his own systems of society. Man has attempted to govern one another some with good and some with bad motives. Some preach tolerance, yet are quite intolerant of different views. Some think that the only way for true peace and right in the world is to eliminate one’s enemy. 

In 2015 there was a determination that an estimated 2.2 billion of the over 7 billion people inhabiting the world. That’s a pretty good percentage. If each Christian, who truly knew Christ in their heart treated their brother/sister Christian with Christ-like love, then imagine how wonderful, how much of an impact that would be. If then these Christians were the light of the world demonstrating a difference to others – non-believers and believers of another faith – how different would the world be? 

Love is the one thing that can change the world. When Jesus came, he came not to set up His kingdom here but to open the doors to ALL to His heavenly kingdom. His method of getting this invitation out – those who profess Him as their Savior. 

We each can make a BIG difference in this world, by demonstrating this love in our own little corner of this world. Love one another. When someone hurts you – love them back. When someone treats you badly – love them back. When someone is in despair – love them. You can change the world from where you are. Just look at the impact that the first Christians made upon this world. They were heavily persecuted, but in their hearts they knew this life was more than temporary persecution. This life is more than daily troubles, fear, hunger or pain. These are but moments in our earthly life. What our life is all about is to make a difference for God and for those around us. Eternity is a very long, long time. I’m convinced that time in eternity is quite different than time here. I think that the concept of time here doesn’t exist in eternity. 

God loved the whole world that He gave His Son, Jesus Christ to pay for the sins of each one. He gave each one a CHOICE to choose Him or to reject Him. I am so very glad I made the choice to choose Him. I am in awe of His boundless love towards me. I hope in some way, in my part I demonstrate to all I encounter the one thing I can do to change the world. Love.

Love One Another

Steve Green

All believers dream of reaching the world
With a message of love and grace
Searching for the best way of preaching the word
To rescue the human race
The answer seems too easy, it’s nothing new
A simple thing any child of God can do

Love one another
Take your brother by the hand
The world will watch in wonder
Love will make them understand
Love one another
And your love will change the world

Love is always patient, love is always kind
And always gives itself away
Love is there to serve, it doesn’t seem to mind,
Never has a harsh word to say.
Slow in passing judgment, quick to forgive,
It gives its life that the world may live.

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