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For the longest time…I can’t even tell you how long…I boasted that I am a multi-tasker. I could handle more than one project at a time. I could juggle focusing on things and really get them done.

Boy, if my husband reads this then he’ll say, ‘see…I told you so.’

Facing Facts.

I have too many half-done projects. O.K. I admitted it. I have dreams and plans and ideals. I have wishes of things I’d like to accomplish and do. Yet, I start one here…get distracted…start one there. And, if I’m honest with myself – I have few things that I can point to and say that I finished it to the best of my ability to full completion.

We can’t take on too many projects at a time and devote the right focus necessary to get the job done to the best of our ability.

What do you think?

We can have a variety of dreams and projects and make plans. But, to really devote the right time to focus on these projects we have to do things in moderation. We have to decide what’s the most important thing to do.

Yes, our days at home and at work require us to accomplish a variety of things. I’m not really talking about our day-to-day tasks. Although, we can approach these tasks and give them cursory attention and focus. We can as my grandmother would say, ‘give it a lick and a promise’. But, never really give it the full scope of the attention necessary.

What one thing in your life have you been wanting to accomplish, but have just gone so far and then strayed to another thing? Or, do you keep trying and trying to accomplish something and take two steps forward and three steps back? Are you really, really determined to do this one thing right from beginning to end?

This is where I think moderation comes into play. We can accomplish those little daily tasks, but in those life-changing things that we dream of doing. We need to make a choice. We need to determine which requires my attention right now – and set ourselves to focus on that one thing – until completion.

Take all your plans and all your dreams and rate them in order of importance. Then, lay out a step-by-step process of how you’re going to accomplish – how you’re going to take one bite at a time until you’re completely done.

Then, you can begin other projects – dreams…

Today we don’t hear much about moderation. We actually hear and see a lot about what you need and what you need now! We are shown so many things that if we did this or if we purchased this then our life, dreams and goals will be complete.

But, it’s not true. These things don’t fulfill. They don’t fill the need. And most importantly they don’t help you get to where you really want to be.

Have you been chasing dreams and plans but getting no where. Perhaps today is the day that you’ll stop. Perhaps today is the day you’ll pick that one dream. Focus on that dream and determine what it will actually take to fulfill that dream. Then, begin to do it.

Moderation. Only what you need right now. Only what you can handle right now.

In a few weeks or months from now, if you’ve truly focused on that one thing…I believe that you’ll realize results. You’ll either completely accomplish this one thing, or you’ll come to find out whether it was truly that important.

What do we make important in our lives? I see so many people today focused on the transient things – that is scrolling our way through life to see what others are doing and sharing…I think we’re losing something of ourselves when we’re focused on these things that don’t in the end mean that much to our future.

Moderation. Everything in our life – at just the right amount. Focus on that one dream. Stop scrolling your way through life and live. Live your life for the purpose for which you are here. If you’ve lost it – then by focusing on those dreams and changes you need to make in your life – I think you’ll find it again.

One step at a time.

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