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When considering what to name my blog, I thought of things I’d like to evoke regarding my life. I wanted to indicate that I appreciate a certain rhythm to life. Living in the country, my family had to change some of our habits. I think for the better. We are now members of a small community, where literally everybody knows your name. There’s a sense of belonging. You know your pharmacist and his family, you know your grocer, your mailman/woman-they are your neighbors-they are your friends.
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 Then I recalled a word that I read a long time ago in the Bible that makes me smile. I think it also suggests a feeling that I want to portray. That word is ‘delightsome’.

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The word delightsome is found in Malachi 3:12, “And all nations shall call you blessed: for ye shall be a delightsome land, saith the LORD of hosts.” Instantly, I became enchanted and enamored with that word. I enjoy the sound of the word.
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Delightsome is derived from the Hebrew word chephets which means delight, pleasure, desire, longing, the good pleasure, that in which one takes delight. Webster’s 1828 dictionary defines delightsome as, “very pleasing; delightful”. Chephets occurs 38 times in the Bible translated as delight, desireth, desire, pleasure, willingly and purpose.
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These words are ones that I would like to describe my home life. I hope to purpose in my life to enjoy each day given to me, to create a loving and a welcoming home for my family and friends. I would like to purpose our life to be delightful and pleasant.
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Another part of my blog is to celebrate the rhythms of life. Not so much the scheduled rhythms like Spring and Fall cleaning, but the pace of life. The slower pace of life where you appreciate moments and take them as they come.
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 I think one example of taking time to enjoy life. It is from an episode of The Andy Griffith Show. The episode is called, ‘Man in a Hurry”. A Charlotte businessman is stuck in Mayberry because of car trouble. He is forced to stay a while despite his desire to get to an important appointment. By spending time with Andy and his family, this man remembers the importance of simple things like enjoying other’s company sitting on a porch and by peeling an apple without breaking the peel.
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I could think of other examples, but I think you get the idea. I appreciate you stopping by and I hope you endeavor to make this day a delightsome one. I will.

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