How to Simplify Your Decor for Joyful Summer Relaxation

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It’s Summertime and the livin’ is easy…if you make it so! One of Dearest’s phrases comes to mind, ‘make it light on yourself?‘ I’m sharing how to simplify your decor for joyful summer relaxation.

Summertime is for relaxing - simplifying your decor for summer and making it pretty - is a game changer!

Three Words: Decor, Summer, Relaxation

Summer is the time we set aside to take vacations. It is the time when the beautiful outdoors calls us to enjoy gardening, gathering and relaxing. The best way to do this is to prepare. Especially in our home’s summer decor. Room by room, we can go through, evaluate, clean thoroughly and add decor that speak summertime to you. All with the thought in mind – ‘keep it light on yourself’.

updating the decor in our home for Summer


In the Kitchen

Spring’s decor was all about bringing the beauty of the bright colors of the garden. I brought in the pastels, the floral dishes, and such. Spring is when life is renewed and that was reflected in the decor items I used. For Summer, the decor and color scheme is all about light, white and blue. To me, blue and white just seem perfect for summer decor. I’ve cleared away and cleaned all surfaces. I’ve packed away the Spring decor and replaced it with a minimal amount of Summer decor. All with the thought that I want it to be lovely, reflect Summer but also to be easy to maintain so that I can go and do what ever I wish to do this Summer.

Updating the decor in our home for Summer relaxation

In the Dining Room

The Blue and White theme is carried through with the addition of a Beach theme. Whenever we go to the beach, I love collecting shells and such. These make beautiful decor items and bring about wonderful memories of Summer vacations. Again, I’m keeping the decor light in the living room so that clean up is a breeze. My three words I keep in mind: decor, Summer, relaxation….

Updating the decor in our home for Summer relaxation

The Living Room

The areas I’m decorating are the mantel. Here, the decor is again light with a beach theme. 

Updating the decor in our home for Summer relaxation

On the Ottoman I have one simple hurricane vase filled with shells and a candle. I keep more candles out this time of the year. We’ve already had a few strong thunderstorms that have caused power to go out. I’m prepared!

updating our home's decor for Summer relaxation

Other tabletop surfaces. Keeping the number low and light the decor theme of the beach is carried through. I left the dried flowers – they’re light in color and have an airy feel to them.

One other thing I did was to changeover the pillows on the couch. When I redecorated the living room, I made pillow covers that I thought would work well. The material was too heavy and flattened the pillows. This time I made slipcovers – the envelope type – with much lighter material. This gives me the ability to fluff the pillows (using two balls in the dryer on air for 30 minutes) and to change over the look from season to season – if I wish.

updating the decor in our home for Summer


This is the majority of the rooms downstairs – summer is here and the livin’ is going to be light with fewer decor items, but beautiful. Remember, my three words while redecorating: decor, summer, relaxation.

updating the home's decor for summer relaxation

Always, a special addition to any room no matter what the season is fresh flowers. Summer’s flowers are abounding and to keep with the blue and white theme, I’ve added blue Hydrangeas, thanks to my Mother-in-Law. My Hydrangeas are more on the pink side! Her wonderful bush is full of blue Hydrangeas. I must need add another and make sure the soil is just right for blue!

updating the decor in the home for Summer

Are you changing over your home’s decor for Summer! What do you like to do-to add? Do you change your decor for summer and for relaxation? I’d love to know!


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