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My Sweet Rose

John William Waterhouse

Had fast become one of my favorite artists and this painting of this woman drinking in the fragrance of

the lovely rose has capture my heart and my imagination.

I can completely understand the depth of emotion

captured by Waterhouse.

I have shared with you before some of the other

marvelous paintings created by Waterhouse.

Since discovering My Sweet Rose, I have been wanting to obtain a copy of this painting or to attempt to copy it – a version for myself.

I think I would very much love to still try this.

I was overjoyed last week while walking through

our local Goodwill to discover Waterhouse’s

My Sweet Rose

hanging on a wall. I quickly approached it and

determined it to be mine!

The frame was a very inexpensive version – not

decorative at all. So when I returned home, I removed

the print and decided to paint the frame. I used

Anne Sloan’s Chalk Paint Provence blue as a base.

Then I brushed on 14k gold acrylic paint here and there to replicate a worn gilded frame. Afterwards I sprayed

lacquer to give it a finished look.

I think the colors pick up some of the beautiful colors

used by Waterhouse.

Where to put her!

I could put her in our living room

with the gold walls.

I could put her in the green room

or in the blue room.

Decisions, decisions.

Which do you like?

But, where ever I place her, I know she will bring

a smile to my face.

Thank you so much for your visit.

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