Spring Decor: Refreshing the Master Bedroom

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Spring decor...refreshing the Master bedroom

Spring Decor

This year has been interesting…we had a too warm winter that led to an early Spring in the garden. I’ve enjoyed the beauty surrounding me…but at night; the night were still chilly. Even this morning after day-long thunderstorms. But, just like changing my wardrobe from Fall/Winter to Spring/Summer, I’m ready to deep clean my bedroom and to make some changes. I’ve refreshed the Master Bedroom with Spring decor using lighter linens and tabletop decor…

Refreshed Master bedroom decor spring

The Sanctuary

Our bedrooms are our sanctuaries where we relax and rejuvenate. It’s the place we begin our days and end them. Making this room warm, cozy and inviting is a joy. It is a reward to ourselves.

Spring decor...refreshing the Master bedroom

Fresh Linens and Fragrances

I love Lavender. It’s such a beautiful, fragrant herb that is wonderful for our lives. For our bedrooms, it creates a relaxing fragrance when used as a rinse for our linens.

Scented Lavender Water for Linens


  • Five Lavender Stems or Rosemary
  • 5 cups water
  • 1/2 tsp. Orris root powder


  1. Bring the water-herb mixture to a boil. Let the scented water cool. Add orris root powder to set the fragrance. Pour the scented water into a spray bottle. You can add this to the rinse water and keep a spray bottle near in your linen closet.

Refreshed Master bedroom decor spring

Fresh Linens…Fresh Flowers

Now that Spring is here, I can have flowers fresh or fresh herbs from my garden in my rooms. I do love adding  too flowers from the market from time to time…Fresh flowers in the room bring joy and sunshine to the Spring decor of any room.

Spring decor...refreshing the Master bedroom

Keeping it Cozy

During winter, the bed linens are heavier and extremely soft. I just love blankets to bundle in whether on the bed or laid on a chair to ward off a little chill that may remain in the air.


Refreshed Master bedroom decor spring

Lighter colors

Not only are the comforters and blankets heavier during Fall/Winter, but they’re also a bit more warm, darker in color. For Spring/Summer I’m moving toward lighter weight and lighter colors.

Refreshed Master bedroom decor for Spring

Pillows, Pillows and more Pillows!

Not only for just how pretty they are, but pillows also are inviting…along with that lovely blanket draped across the bed. I have found value in a sweet little nap from time to time.

Refreshed Master bedroom decor for Spring

Enjoying our Master bedroom Sanctuary

Our room is light and airy. It’s a wonderful place to spend the afternoon with a lovely cup of tea and a good book. These chairs are so cozy and inviting.

Refreshed Master bedroom decor for Spring

My Little Corner

On my vanity I keep reminders of what I love most…my family. I am so delighted that Spring is here! Celebrating Spring decor by refreshing one room at a time.

Spring decorating refresing the Master bedroom on A Delightsome Life #springdecor #masterbedroom #blueandwhite

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