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A Sweet Tea Story

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-TEA-AT-THE-POTTED-GERANIUMThere was a conspiracy brewing that I was not aware of. A couple weeks back, my eldest daughter said she wanted to get together; she, myself and my youngest daughter – to go shopping. I’m thrilled at the opportunity to go – it is not easy with all of our busy schedules. What I didn’t know was that these girls had been planning and trying for months to get us together to go to a very special place.

The Potted Geranium

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-THE-POTTED-GERANIUM-SIGNNestled in one of the downtown side streets at Greensboro, Georgia is this jewel of a home built in the mid 1800’s transformed into a beautiful tea parlor – each room wonderfully decorated and fitted for the enjoyment of tea.

Beautiful Tea Rooms

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-TEA-ROOM-THE-POTTED-GERANIUMBeautifully restored and decorated each room is a jewel of delight in color and setting…quite elegant and tranquil. Perfect for a tea luncheon.

Amazing Food and Delicious Teas

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-AMAZING-FOODI chose ‘The Charleston’ a selction of the quiche du jour – Asparagus, soup – Strawberry, and Currant Scone. It was quite delicious. For my tea I selected Jasmine – the fragrance and flavor was heavenly!

Each One a Pot of Tea

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-EACH-A-POT-OF-TEAEach one of us received their own pot of tea – filled with our selection – nestled beautifully in a tea cozy.

A House  and Garden Tour


A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-THE-POTTED-GERANIUM-GARDEN-TOURAfter our tea, my girls and I toured the lovely rooms in the home as well as the beautiful cottage garden.

Attention to Detail

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-ATTENTION-TO-DETAILWe were enchanted by all of the lovely detail in the decor of each room. Even in the bathroom the necessities were beautifully decorated!


A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-FAVORITE-ROOM-POTTED-GERANIUM2In this green room with a beautiful screened in porch just off to the right the theme was a beautiful garden. I loved the color, the decor and the gorgeous built-in.

The Conspirators!

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-CONSPIRATORSThese girls were so happy to finally accomplish their plans! We all were quite pleased with The Potted Geranium – we will definitely return! 

More to Share!

A-DELIGHTSOME-LIFE-THE-POTTED-GERANIUM-MAGAZINEI was delighted to discover that The Potted Geranium had been featured a number of times in various magazines, including Tea Time! The Potted Geranium is rated #1 in Georgia by I have more pictures to share and will do so later this week!

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