The Awesome Benefits of Attending a Blogger Conference

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Haven Conference - The awesome benefits of attending a blogger conference!In just a few days I’ll be heading to Atlanta, GA to join several other wonderful Bloggers to attend the annual Haven Conference. I have to tell you, I’m so excited. I have attended Haven for a few years now and absolutely love it! Let me share with you some awesome benefits of attending a Blogger Conference!


What is Haven Conference?

Several years back, some wonderful bloggers got together to create Haven Conference. The vision was to bring together DIY and Home Decor enthusiasts in one place to meet, learn, encourage one another and to improve our blogs! It’s just become more and more amazing as the years go by! 

“Haven is open to all who are passionate about blogging, DIY projects, and creating beauty in the home for less. With a perfect mix of DIY and blogging sessions, it’s a conference not to be missed!”

Haven Conference

Meeting Fellow Bloggers

We spend a lot of time online working on our own blogs, visiting others…it’s such a wonderful opportunity to actually meet one another in such an amazing setting! It can be a bit overwhelming, at first, if you’re new. But, every one is just so equally happy to be there and just as happy to meet one another – and there are opportunities to meet in casual circumstances.

The Classes

The ladies who organize Haven work so well in putting together a schedule filled with amazing classes from DIY projects, Improving Your Blog – technical and social, and more! It can be a little difficult to decide just what you’re going to take! The wonderful thing too is that the majority of the classes are taught by those bloggers who you’ve come to admire! 

The Sponsors

This is such a marvelous opportunity to meet with Brands who are eager to work with Bloggers. They have become so savvy in knowing that Bloggers are influencers – Bloggers are people who share from their point of view how to do things and share what they love! The Sponsors also create great opportunity for Hands-On projects!

The Fun!

Two full days full of fun and laughter! All of the wonderful classes, sessions and meet-ups! You’ll come away invigorated and inspired! 

Haven Conference 2017 Haven Mentors

The Mentors!

All of the Haven Conference attendees will be assigned to a Haven Maven Mentor! This will be a great opportunity to network and to learn from these wonderful bloggers! 

The Benefits

All right! So the benefits! I’ve listed learning, networking, the Sponsors, the fun, the enthusiasm, and more! The awesome benefits of going to a Blogger conference is that you’ll gain friends, knowledge and inspiration that will help you continue in your blogging journey. You’ll be inspired by others, see that there are so many others just like you and you’ll just plain have loads of fun! I am going to the Haven Conference! Are you?


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