The First Day of Winter


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Winter Solstice…as if the sun were standing still.

The shortest daylight hours are experienced on the first day of winter. The warm globe of the sun seems to lazily wander across the southern sky. 

There’s beauty in these short days…there’s beauty in the crisp sparkling nights.

Some may experience what is called SAD…there are several things you can do to overcome this condion caused by less sunlight.

Some tips for keeping your spirits up during the long winter months…(source Kelly Doust, Crafts For Every Season)

  • Start an ambitious project
  • clad your feet in sheepskin
  • dring lots of water and hot, caffeine free herbal teas.
  • burn delicious candles and oils, citrus oils such as orange blossom
  • go for a bracing walk
  • throw lots of fabulous candlelit dinner parties and small soirees for your closest friends and family.

Winter is a perfect time to relax, to reflect and to plan for the beautiful, warm days and months ahead.

Don’t miss the blessings of a winter’s day – pay attention to the little things in each day of your life.

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