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The vibrancy of Christmas decor comes to an end, the rooms seem larger and more empty with the decorations removed. Now, is the time to transform the room, to give it an extra sparkle of cleanliness. Just how will you decorate now? I find a kind of serenity and calm in transforming the rooms to Winter decor.

This is the time I lean toward neutrals.

Winter decor includes adding naturals and neutrals in my home's decor

O.K., most of my decor now is leaning towards neutrals with grays and greiges. Perhaps it is a reflection of my heart and mind at this time of my life. I feel much more serene about all things in general now. That’s not to say my life is all peace and quiet. It most certainly is not and there are days I am rushing about from sun up to sun down! I’ve just learned how to put things in perspective and to focus on the most important things. Creating an atmosphere of calm with neutrals is a perfect start to your winter decor.

The Living Room

For my winter decor I add several blankets and pillows for warmth and comfort

There will be blankets and pillows available all over the place! This old house oftentimes is so much more colder than the outside, my brother-in-law says we live like Vikings – his term.

Extra pillows in baskets are available for comfort in my winter decor

We keep the thermostat lower – I’ve adapted, with sweaters and blankets! During the wintertime we may spend more time curled up in a chair or on the couch – blankets add coziness and comfort for those times.


In my winter decor, I love to simplify and to have less on my shelves

I also like to pair down what’s set out as decorative. There needs to be more air, more space between these items. To me this only adds to the serenity of the decor. As a rule of thumb, odd numbers look better in groupings. I’ve also read that approximately 30 percent of the space needs to be open. It’s all a matter of taste and what pleases your eye. 

Decor That Evokes Emotion

Decor that I love to collect, family photos and gifts are included in my winter decor

Winter can be dreary. Right now we’re expecting snow and it is raining. So our hearts and minds are drawn more indoors. I like to surround ourselves this time of the year with things that make us smile; things that mean something to us. I like mementos, gifts from the children, lots of family pictures, and things I collect that are dear to my heart. 

Touches of Color

I like to add touches of color here and there. I find that if I set something close and something afar off of similar color it draws the eye and brings the look of the room together. It’s fun to experiment with placement. 

Lay Out Games

If a game of checkers, chess or Scrabble is already laid out on a table, that invites family members to gather for a game. This invites more time together to talk and to laugh, which just adds to the cheer of the room!

Make It Light On Yourself

I like to simplify even more by lightening the room of some of the furniture pieces. The less you have to dust and to vacuum around, the better! Winter Decor shouldn’t be so dramatic that we have to lift and to move items frequently to keep clean from all the dust – Dearest’s advice comes to mind when doing a task, ‘make it light on yourself’. Winter is the perfect time to heed this advice!

Books and Magazines Galore!

We’re indoors more often in the wintertime. So, strategically placed books, novels, coffee table books and easy reading books is a must! I love collecting magazines, I have my favorites. I tend to display past issues of the same month for reading and inspiration. In my opinion displaying books is always a good idea – not just for winter decor!

House Plants

We don’t have a great many houseplants, I intend to find place for more. I do love what they do to add to the life of a room. They’re wonderful too to keep the air fresh as we keep the doors and windows closed more during this season.

Baby it’s Cold Outside! 

Although the temperatures are low, the landscape bare, the indoors can be a comforting oasis of serenity and warmth. That’s what I go for. Fragrant candles add glow, warmth and welcome to a home. I LOVE beeswax candles and have them everywhere. If I have any other kind, the fragrance is usually Lavender, Lilac or Rose. Dearest likes the more musky fragrances so once in a while I’ll burn one just to welcome him home. 

Winter Decor

These are just a few of my thoughts and ideas that I apply to my winter decor. Those things that I think of as I move room to room rearranging the decor after the holidays. What are your favorite tips and ideas?



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