Adding Romantic Valentine Wreaths To Your Decor

There’s something wonderful and special about the romance of valentines. Our hearts are drawn to demonstrating our devotion to our loved ones. What better way than to add a bit of romance to your home’s decor with romantic valentine wreaths.

5 Romantic Valentine Wreaths

One of the loveliest ways you can add romance to your decor is to add wreaths – indoors. I have shared five romantic Valentine wreaths over the past few years. These are pretty easy and can add lovely and rustic romance to your decor.

Coffee Filter Rose Wreath

I just love making roses from coffee filters. It’s so easy and with watercolor paint, so romantic. You’ll love making them yourself. You can make this wreath or just make these roses to display in your home for Valentine romance.

Rosemary Heart-Shaped Wreath

This wreath is a beautiful, fragrant romantic wreath. Perfect for the not so girly decor or for that loved one. Imagine this hanging in a bathroom or in your kitchen. The aroma and beauty is sure to please.

Pink Pistachio Wreath

Dearest loves pistachios, so I can have a lot of the shells. I thought they would be lovely painted in a wreath. I added a few sparkly beads and love the outcome. This is romantic wreath in such a different way!

Shabby Chic Dried Rose Wreath

I love roses, these sweet little roses I purchase just so they could dry. The beautiful moss and ribbon add a natural, romantic feel to this Shabby Chic Dried Rose Wreath. This one is sure to please and to be a beautiful addition to your decor year-round.

Rustic Dried Rose Wreath

This is another wreath where I saved roses simply to dry. I love this rose-shaped grapevine wreath. This rustic romantic wreath appeals all and can be used again, throughout the year in your home’s decor.

Five DIY Romantic Valentines Wreaths you can make to decorate your home on A Delightsome Life

I hope you give one of these, if not a few romantic Valentine wreaths a try. As you think of your romantic plans for valentine, add some beauty to your home’s decor with one of these 5 Romantic Valentine Wreaths.

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